Why March 31 Brings Abundance To 2 Specific Zodiac Signs

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2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On March 31, 2024

Sometimes, the best way to get ahead is first to take a step back. While Mercury will station retrograde on April 1, a divine alignment between the Moon in Sagittarius and the planet of communication in Aries on March 31 helps you gain a new sense of clarity about manifesting abundance and what the upcoming Mercury Retrograde will mean for you.

The Moon in Sagittarius seeks knowledge and understanding. It’s not enough to feel called to take a particular direction in life. You also need to know why you are taking the action you are. Sagittarius is the most philosophical sign, also known as the seeker of the zodiac. It helps you detach from your emotions just enough to fully understand what has been motivating you and how to make the most of your intuition.

As the Sagittarius Moon aligns with Mercury in Aries, just ahead of its retrograde, it can help give you awareness of what you need to reflect on so you can be in greater alignment with the vibration of abundance.

Don’t be afraid to lean into what you can do better at or change altogether, as this energy can help you understand your past actions more deeply so that you can take steps to correct your course. The idea is that it is not enough simply to learn how to do better. You also must be willing to become better, as this is how you can make progress in your journey to build a long-lasting sense of abundance in your life.

Two zodiac signs who experience abundance on March 31, 2024:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

Abundance Affirmation: I am in alignment with the abundant life that is meant for me.

You are ready to surrender to life changes and truly embrace the process of divine transformation. As you progress through your zodiac season and the Eclipse Portal as you travel closer to the Solar Eclipse in Aries, you can feel in your heart that it’s time to start living your truth, which is also precisely what the astrology of March 31 will allow you to do.

The Moon is in Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign, lighting up your house of abundance and helping you to dream of new possibilities and opportunities in your life. While you may have been reluctant to trust in this new chapter or that it’s safe to start making plans, you are starting to see that everything really has been happening in divine timing. This will allow you to have a greater sense of acceptance for everything that has occurred in your life — and will also let you open to receiving greater clarity over what direction you should take.

As Mercury slows down in Aries in preparation for its retrograde, you may be able to have deeper realizations over how you have given your power away in the past or underestimated your abilities to manifest what you really want for yourself. As Mercury in Aries aligns with the Sagittarius Moon, this energy will help you find a deeper level of acceptance, as well as feel more at peace with what has occurred. It will also light a fire within yourself to ensure that you never again repeat the mistakes of your past and give you the confidence to know living from your truth and shedding the need for others to approve of your choices is the ultimate step in living a fully abundant life.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Abundance Affirmation: I am determined to manifest a life of financial success and abundance.

As a water sign, emotions are always something that you value and hold immense space for. You can run into trouble when you start prioritizing how others feel or how they might perceive you over what is best for yourself. Sometimes, in the pursuit of your best life and abundance, you need to be a bit ruthless. You need to understand that while others may not like your choices, if in your heart you know they are those best for you, then you can feel confident knowing you are on the right path. Although this may feel uncomfortable for you, focusing more on what you want is exactly what will allow you to achieve it.

The Sagittarius Moon is bringing up themes of self-worth and financial abundance, while Mercury in Aries is helping you to reflect on the boundaries you’ve had in your life and the priority you’ve placed on your dreams. With Mercury staining retrograde on April 1, this is an area that you will continue to reflect on. Still, it does all come down to the understanding that you can’t sacrifice your happiness or well-being for anyone — no matter how much you may care about them.

Remember that prioritizing yourself isn’t mean but is exactly what defines self-worth. In this new chapter of your life, that is precisely what you need to do to attract abundance in your personal and professional life. Use this energy to protect your dreams and your peace, and continue to validate your worthiness to not just receive everything you’ve ever wanted but even more than you’ve imagined. Don’t be disheartened if you have to reestablish any boundaries or if others feel let down. They are responsible for their feelings — just as you are responsible for manifesting the abundance you want in your life.

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