A Controlling Relationship Ends For 3 Zodiac Signs Before April 4, 2024

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A Controlling Relationship Ends For 3 Zodiac Signs Before April 4, 2024

Starting April 2, the Moon will 'have business' with Saturn. Fortunately, this Moon happens to be already doing business with its happy and healthy buddy, Jupiter. Because of Jupiter's 'healthy and happy' influence, we will find the strength within ourselves to overcome what Saturn puts in our way as an obstacle.

Breaking down and making it human, we might say that when we end a relationship, it has taken a turn for the worse. In this case, the worst, being that it is directly related to Saturn, is the kind of relationship that is no longer 'equal.' Someone is trying to or has been controlling us, and what might have seemed like a 'cute' thing at one point is now out of hand and completely not to our liking. We don't want to be controlled, told what to do, or even influenced by this person.

We may think, "I thought they loved me!" They may very well have loved us, but what they're giving out no longer looks or feels like love, so why should we bother enabling their worst 'new' habits? Three zodiac signs will wake up and smell the coffee as the Moon trine Jupiter wipes the slate clean of any annoying Saturn energy that may still be sticking to the relationship.

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Controlling relationships end for these zodiac signs by April 4, 2024:

1. Cancer 

You may have noticed that things seem to be somewhat off in your romantic relationship. You're not quite sure if you like the direction it's taking. Something is definitely wrong here. While you love your partner and you're pretty sure they love you just as much, they seem to be taking liberties that you definitely disapprove of. It seems your partner thinks they are 'the boss' of the partnership, and you don't remember signing on for that.

Sometimes, one person in a relationship starts to think they must control what goes on. While this may only be a natural side effect, it's still not what you asked for. You want this to be an equal opportunity relationship, and you're starting to sign 'control freak' signs in your partner. You want to stop this before it gets out of hand.

This is, by no means, about ending the relationship, but so much more about working with the dynamic. You both love each other, and you both come from different places when it comes to how to handle the ins and outs of being in a committed partnership. Face it, it isn't easy for anyone, but the last thing that you will ever accept is being told what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and whether or not you should do it—not playing. You'll change that on this day with the help of Moon trine Jupiter.

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2. Libra 

You are a very nice person, Libra, and sometimes, to avoid a confrontation, you let the other person have their way simply because it feels easier for you to back down than to stand up for what you really are feeling. You'll see a very good example of this in the discovery of your partner being very, very controlling while you sit back and literally do nothing about it.

You aren't trying to be this lax, and you aren't trying to give them the message that this is OK with you. In fact, the last thing 'it' is is OK. that's why when you feel the influence of Moon trine Jupiter in your life, as you will on this day, you'll snap out of that silent place, and you'll speak up, Libra. And, in doing so, you'll be able to end the controlling relationship that you're presently in.

Whatever makes you snap is cosmic, at this point, as you held on for as long as you could, not wanting to 'rock the boat.' The only problem here is that that boat just kept on rocking. you felt as if you'd be thrown overboard if things didn't get back on an even keel. You aren't breaking up with this person; you are setting them straight. They needed to hear what you have to say on this day, and while it may come as a shock to them, they'll get it, Libra. They needed for you to come through and tell them 'what's up.'

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3. Sagittarius 

You've noticed that under the guise of 'everything is perfect,' something is going on in your relationship that is so far from perfect that you feel as though you've been fooled. The person who has fooled you is yourself, Sagittarius. By being nice, you've let yourself be controlled, and you didn't notice just how much until later.

Wow, what a revelation you're about to experience on this day, as you feel the power of the Moon trine Jupiter helping you see what's really going on here. What's going on is that you're being used. Your partner isn't necessarily trying to use you, but they've noticed that you don't really do anything to stop them. So life has started to go along at this pace, where you do what they say without question.

Then it hits you, and you realize that not only do you NOT have to listen to what your partner is commanding of you, but that life will go on anyway and that it's not up to you alone to be the one who does all the work. This is the day that you realize that your partner is lazy, and that's why they push the work onto you. In the name of love, your partner has manipulated you into thinking that you're the one responsible when this is something you share. Moon trine Jupiter shows you how to end this kind of thinking, as you know you're not going back to those old ways.

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