These 2 Specific Zodiac Signs Will Experience Abundance On March 28, 2024

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zodiac signs who experience abundance march 28, 2024

Manifesting abundance in your life is directly connected to the new opportunities for change you allow yourself to take.

It's said that nothing new grows in your comfort zone: To have the life, wealth, career, and love you desire, you must allow yourself to move toward new possibilities.

Venus always brings gifts of love and excitement as it rules over your romantic relationships, but it also helps bring in financial abundance.

Venus in Pisces enables you to surrender more to what is occurring in your life, allowing you to take on new opportunities instead of feeling stuck to a particular plan.

As Venus in Pisces aligns with Uranus in Taurus, an influx of new beginnings can help you attract wealth and a sense of greater fulfillment.

Taurus is one of the ruling signs of Venus and the zodiac sign that represents material luxuries.

This makes a powerful time to become aware of the new offers in your career, business opportunities, or those social connections that can help put you in place to manifest the joy you want for your life.

Which two zodiac signs will experience abundance on March 28, 2024:

1. Cancer

Abundance Affirmation for Cancer: I am surrounded by abundant and beneficial connections.

While 2024 is set to be one of your most abundant years yet, it does ask that you become more serious about taking advantage of the different opportunities are being offered to you. Part of this is being in the space where you see the offers are coming your way, which is part of what you've been trying to manifest.

It may not be how you expected, and it takes your life in a completely different direction. It doesn't mean it's not a part of everything you've always wanted.

As much as money can't buy happiness, it can allow you to feel more financially secure and let you put more energy into your dreams. Venus in Pisces is lighting up your sector of abundance, which means that you can take the opportunities for newness in your life, trusting that the wealth you seek will follow.

As Venus in Pisces aligns with Uranus in Taurus, it's important to also reflect on the positive and beneficial connections in your life — because this chapter in your life isn't about going it alone but instead working with others to create the life you dream of. Uranus is the planet of shock and awe and tends to change things at a moment's notice. In Taurus, it carries significance in terms of the luxurious life you live — all the while, Venus in Pisces is helping to draw in more wealth into your life.

Lean into the connections in your life today, whether professional or personal, because you may end up receiving an unexpected financial windfall that suddenly makes it a lot easier to not only follow your dreams but also genuinely believe that you are entering a phase of greater ease in your life.

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2. Aries

Abundance Affirmation for Aries: I am embracing my intuition as a tool to create financial wealth.

It comes as no surprise that you are the leader of the zodiac, which often means you are a doer. You can focus your energy on what you want and achieve success by sheer determination and will. You are just as connected to the spiritual realms as other zodiac signs. Sometimes, you also must learn to work smarter—and not necessarily more complex.

Venus is one of the planets representing abundance, both in your romantic and financial lives, while Uranus tends to bring unplanned opportunities. In Pisces, Venus is stirring up your house of intuition.

Venus is helping you tap into what you've always wanted to do or the path forward that you feel is the right one if you can't see how it will play out just yet. As Venus in Pisces unites with Uranus in Taurus, it activates your financial sector and the desire for a fully abundant and luxurious life.

The key here is that the wealth and abundance you desire are directly connected to those inner dreams, ideas, and feelings you may not always tap into. Don't be afraid to take a risk or chance, even if no one else believes in you, because the universe is strongly guiding you at this time.

Spend time journaling about the ideas you've had, or do a guided meditation. Then try to see that if you never planned for these events in your life, it would help you slow down and become a magnet for wealth instead of tirelessly working or remaining purely in a state of doing.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator. For more of her work, visit her website.