3 Zodiac Signs Feel Incredibly Powerful On March 10, 2024

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3 Zodiac Signs Feel Incredibly Powerful On March 10, 2024

There's just something about March that brings on the power rush, and of course, the universe gets to watch us play during this time, and on this day, March 10, 2024, we get to experience what it's like to feel supremely confident in just about everything we do. We're not making power grabs, nor are we feeling particularly competitive; the power we will be feeling during this day's Moon in Aries is all about personal power and successful transformation.



We've also got Moon sextile Pluto adding to the idea that this crazy Aries power has direction and focus. For three zodiac signs, that's the difference right there between order and chaos; we aren't just randomly experiencing the strength of our own conviction; we have something very specific in mind, and we feel as though we are in direction formation for making a reality of that condition.

The power we feel on this day is the power for good, and it's the kind of rush one gets when we know we've done something good, and we watch it come back at us a hundred-fold. This is the day we do a good deed. This is the day when we save someone some trouble, and this is the day when we put someone before us only to find out that we feel twice as good about ourselves for doing this act of kindness. Everything comes back to us on this day, during Moon sextile Pluto, and for three zodiac signs, it's all good.

Zodiac signs who feel powerful on March 10, 2024:

1. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

In the past, you've relied on the idea of power in terms of how you get things done or how you've successfully gathered people around you to help you do your bidding. While your past efforts can most definitely be considered successful, there was always something in it for you involved, and while that's absolutely legitimate, what this day, March 10, brings you is something a little more...altruistic in nature.

Because you are dealing with the transit of Moon sextile Pluto, you aren't that interested in fighting to be number one; you are, however, very interested in making someone else's life a better place to live, and that's what gives you your supreme power on this day. You are extremely excited about bringing joy to someone in your life, as you can only anticipate how happy they will be when they receive what you are about to deliver.

This person may be a family member, a friend, a lover or even a co-worker. Your work on this day is all about giving, so the recipient only needs to be there to do the receiving. You aren't trying to feel the power of what you're doing on this day, but you can't help but receive the residual energy that comes from giving, and your generosity is huge on this day...and it all comes back to you, Leo. Happily.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

It's very easy for you to work with Moon sextile Pluto as an energy source as it plays right into your schedule, and what you've had in mind for weeks now is how you can pay someone back for something that got you out of trouble, a while back. You feel this intense kind of gratitude towards this person, and on March 10, it will become obvious to you that this is no ordinary kind of gratitude; this is something you want to return so that this person knows you feel grateful to them.

Because of Moon sextile Pluto, you are able to push aside all ego on this day and use this transformative power to show the person who did you that solid that you mean business when it comes to 'giving back.' You feel as though they practically saved your life, and you've wondered how on earth you could ever repay them for such a favor. This is the day you realize exactly how you can pay them back.

Here lies your power, Scorpio. Your moment of destiny has arrived, and what you aren't aware of is that what you're about to do will echo in eternity. You are so much stronger in the position of giving than you are at receiving, and this revelation is going to surge through your veins as true gratitude and happiness. The idea that you can give back is what makes you feel balanced and powerful. Good for you, Scorpio. You did it.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

You've always been a doer of good deeds, as that is so much your own nature, and while you don't take credit for or even seek out approval for these deeds, you've found that doing good deeds really makes you feel great. On this day, however, you'll get the chance to change someone's world to such a positive degree that they will never stop thanking you for it.

During Moon sextile Pluto, you are privy to the power that comes with the transit, and this, for you, is going to be all about how you receive someone else's gratitude...towards you. Yes, you are used to doing nice things for people, and for the most part, you do them silently and without a need for thanks. Still, there are days that come around when you can't escape, and on this day, you'll be overwhelmed by the love that someone shows you for being so good to them.

You didn't think you could handle it at first, which is why you're a 'silent, anonymous' gift giver of sorts, but the truth is, during Moon sextile Pluto, you'll be overjoyed at how someone reacts to one of your good deeds, and it will tickle you so much that you may actually burst out in laughter, knowing that you've created such a joyous moment in someone else's life. You will forever be cherished by this person, Capricorn, and good for you!

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