3 Zodiac Signs Release Their Sadness This Weekend

We set that torch down, and gradually, over time, we watch those flames extinguish.

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Three zodiac signs finally release their sadness this weekend. If we are ever to advance along the way, we all know that to do so, we must be as free as possible of the burdens we've carried with us for far too long.

Some of us come with childhood memories that we can't get past, and others are still clinging to the pains that came with a particularly traumatizing breakup. We want to get over it, but it's just not that easy.


That is why we may catch a break during the Sagittarius Moon trine Neptune. It's not so much that suddenly, our sadness will evaporate like a magical mist, but more along the lines of acknowledging that the sadness we've held on to has very little usefulness to us, now, in the present.


Because of this transit, we are more likely to set ourselves free from this sadness — once and for all.

This is the beginning of a long but successful process, and for three zodiac signs, this is where the true healing begins to take place. Imagine going through your life without the heavy weight of sadness gone by, one that means very little to you and yet is held up high like a torch.

During the Sagittarius Moon trine Neptune, we set that torch down, and gradually, over time, we watch those flames extinguish.

Three zodiac signs release sadness over the weekend:

1. Gemini, you're ready to accept that a relationship is over.

You have one person in mind during the Sagittarius Moon trine Neptune. While you know that, on some level, you'll always love them, you've also seen the rift in your relationship with them turn into something you know in your heart will never be mended.


You are starting to accept that some things will never be. While this has created a great sadness in your heart, you understand that you needn't carry this pain with you throughout the rest of your life.

Words were said, and words were NOT said. All you know is that the result gave you the impression that nothing here can be salvaged. This weekend, you may find that with the help of the Sagittarius Moon trine Neptune, you could be on the verge of releasing that sadness once and for all time. You may not even be sure of what that means, but you know that carrying this pain around is doing you no good.

You want a good life. You want a life that is free from sadness, especially if that sadness has taken on the tone of meaninglessness. What became a waste of time and energy is now starting to look like new freedom and the change to love again. By releasing your sadness, you invite happiness back into your life.

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2. Leo,, you don't need to be right.

You were very adamant about being the one who was 'right' in the last conversation you had with a certain someone. As time went by, you came to realize that there is no right or wrong. There is only the distance that the two of you now have between you.

 If you dwell on who was right or who was wrong, it no longer matters. What matters is that you've kept this pain and sadness alive for far too long. During the Sagittarius Moon trine Neptune, you get the hint. This doesn't have to continue this way.

Over the weekend, you will see that you have a choice but that the transit of the Sagittarius Moon trine Neptune beckons you to think twice before going backward in time to relive the sadness of this ending, again and again.

You want a happy life, and you know now that if this ever becomes true for you, you can play an active role in making it so. This comes with the belief in yourself, Leo, and the determination to rid yourself of the sadness that consumes you.


A 'new life' begins for you as you really and truly come to understand that everything has its shelf life, even sadness. You can no longer carry the torch as you don't see the point, especially as the torchlight went out so long ago. You are now ready, and you have the Sagittarius Moon trine Neptune to guide you to the next, more freeing phase in your life, Leo.

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3. Pisces, you are ready to forgive.

There is someone who meant a lot to you, and this person is now no longer in your life. There was never a feeling between the two of you that was anything less than loving. That person is not here right now, and you may find that you are going over your memories of this person to the degree that it almost feels painful. Perhaps this was the love of your life, and they are no longer with you. Still, this sadness is too much, and you know that somehow. You have to release it.

This weekend brings you the transit of the Sagittarius Moon trine Neptune. This is a very liberating set of events as this is the day you can still respect your memory while actively agreeing to set it free.


This agreement is, of course, something you make with yourself. The person you are letting go of is only a memory now, and to let them go is to free yourself from the sadness this memory brings you. The person will live on forever as a pleasant reminder that you've known beautiful love.

This is what you need. To respect the memory and to release the sadness that comes with it. Ts no better helper than the Sagittarius Moon trine Neptune. Saturday will be the first day of your true healing. You need this, so let it happen. You lost nothing by letting go, Pisces. While that doesn't sound possible, releasing sadness allows for new happiness to take its place. It's all going to be OK.

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