3 Zodiac Signs Likely To Fall Madly In Love On The Last Day Of February 2024

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3 Zodiac Signs Fall Madly In Love On February 29, 2024

Falling madly in love. It's something a person has to do at least once in a lifetime. Some of us experience this blissfully romantic ideal several times. Lucky us. Lucky us that there is such a thing as romantic love and that if we are open to it, we can experience such a delightful time in our lives.

To fall madly in love, we have to let our guard down. We can't truly immerse ourselves in this heady experience unless we dive in completely, throwing caution to the wind while knowing that no future is guaranteed. We are 'there' at the moment. For three zodiac signs, that moment is about to arrive this Thursday.

This is a Leap Year. This is the day that defines it all, so why not take the plunge? On a day as rare and precious as this, we will find that it's very easy to be swayed and perhaps even 'seduced' by the transits that nudge us in the direction of love, namely the heavenly bodies of Mercury, Jupiter, along with the Sun, Moon and Mercury.

Oh, how sweet it is. These three zodiac signs will fall madly in love on the last day of the month. Leap Year is a very special day.

Three zodiac signs will fall madly in love on February 29, 2024:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

Imagine falling in love right now, Aries? Well, falling in love is something you've done before. You tend to throw yourself all the way when such a wonderful event takes place. Whether it's the right thing to do or not, you'll make it the right thing because why bother even trying if not to win? With a transit like Mercury in harmony with Jupiter supporting your efforts on Thursday, you are here to show your partner in love that you are for real, and you expect the same in return.

This is an incredibly fortunate day for you, as the stars are definitely in alignment with your over-the-top love to succeed. That is not to say you are off base or dreaming in any way. You realize that the person you are with is the one who is madly in love and that you're only now just starting to catch on, and you like it. Oh yes, you don't just like it. You love it.

What you might not be expecting is for it to all go as smoothly as it does. Leap Year Day feels almost like it singled you out for a fine day in the sun. This is the day you let yourself go, Aries. The day you decide, 'Why the heck not!' This is the day you fall madly in love because it feels sincere and real, and that's what you're all about.

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2. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

Falling in love is so special to you, mainly because you are also aware of how vulnerable you are around the person you fall in love with. That's why on February 29, 2024, when your amorous feelings go into overdrive, you'll make that emotional 'executive' decision to throw all inhibitions to the wind and trust that this experience of love is the one you've always been waiting for.

This is the experience of being madly, fervently in love, and you wouldn't sacrifice this day for anything in the world. This is the kind of day when you walk around giggling to yourself. Every time you see the person you're in love with, you blush and smile. You'll feel the heat in your cheeks. You may even swoon when you see them smile back. Yes, it's that intense and made all the more so by Mercury and Jupiter.

All things seem possible on this day, and you'll use that concept in your relationship. Being madly in love doesn't end up with you simply staying in love. For you, Taurus, this love promises you a future, a path to take with this person. You see the distant future as well as your next move. All of it falls under the umbrella of incredible, romantic love.

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3. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

Everything about this day shows promise, but it hinges on one thing. That is your ability to let down your guard and let this person into your life via your soul. You are someone who is, at this moment in life, madly in love. You sense very deeply that the focal point of your affection is someone you can trust with your heart. History has had you holding back and missing out. But not this time, Gemini.

This is the day you make a firm decision to let it all go. You aren't even sure what you're protecting. Maybe you're just running on an old program that has you protecting your heart before there's even a chance of it getting broken. Alas, there's a transit that will join you on Thursday. It shows you that it's OK to trust and that it's good to let down your guard. That transit is Mercury  Jupiter.

For you, so much of letting go is about being able to speak up and say your truth. That is what you'll feel free to do on this day. When Mercury and Jupiter work nicely together, you aren't sitting in the shadow, hesitating. You are right there, in front of the person you are madly in love with. You are opening your mouth to speak. By day's end, they will know what's on your mind. They will reciprocate that feeling tenfold. It's all worth it!

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