3 Zodiac Signs Are Fiercely Independent On February 9, 2024

Get ready to be doubted, my friends.

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Ever have one of those days when you feel you've just come up with the most brilliant idea you've ever had, and when you share the idea with friends, they look at you as if you've lost your mind?

First comes the disbelief, then the patronizing looks of sympathy, and finally, the death blow of them telling you your idea is 'cute but unrealistic.'

As if you needed that additional bit of information! Well, folks, we've got one of those transits on this day, February 9, 2024.


We call it Moon square Uranus, and this aspect will affect how we present ourselves and how others perceive us. The odds of being looked at as 'weird' are really up there for three zodiac signs. Get ready to be doubted, my friends. 



Still, just because everyone around us thinks we've slipped a cog doesn't necessarily mean we have, oh no! In fact, we need to hold on to that imaginative thought, and we learn to be fiercely independent on February 9, 2024.


The best way to have a good day is by keeping some of our brilliance to ourselves. Can we do it on our own. Yes, we can.

Three zodiac signs are fiercely independent on February 9, 2024:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

One of the things that really gets your blood pumping is the idea of gathering people together for some kind of event, be it spiritual or crafty or something creative and community-oriented.

You really love the idea of getting together a group of people who will all get into the one idea, whatever that may be ... what's most important is that it's all done with love and respect. This is your idea of a good time.

While your intentions are stellar, and you feel as though your brand-new idea must be realized and made manifest, you'll need people to come along for the ride.


When the Moon squares Uranus on February 9, 2024, you'll be disappointed to know that nobody has any time for your great scheme, no matter how great they actually think it is.

If you could keep that enthusiasm going and save it for another day, you might learn to work with the pace and timing of other people, Cancer. As it seems, this day, February 9, 2024, may be a great day for you to gather your information together, but not so much the day to implement all your great ideas with the group.

Keep in mind that everyone is working at their own pace on their schedule, so if a big group meeting is what you want, plan, but don't count on it happening during Moon square Uranus. This is a day to stand on your own and be independent.

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2. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

One thing you might notice on this day, February 9, 2024, is that everyone around you seems to be humoring you, and you really want to be taken seriously. You are very impressive, but you're also quite the dreamer, and while you make people smile with your grand dreams and schemes, you don't always come through. During the transit of Moon square Uranus, you will once again come up with some incredible 'master plan,' and you'll see how people simply smile at you as if you're some kind of caged animal.

What's going on is that, while you're not 'the boy who cried wolf,'' you are someone who has done, perhaps, a little too much showing off in your life. Even though you can be quite entertaining at times, you have very little to show for your wild imagination.

It will be on this day, February 9, 2024, that the people in your life feel that they have something better to do than pay attention to you right now.


If you want to feel better about yourself, complete one of the tasks you brag about on your own. You know that you are fully capable of manifesting any of the creative acts you speak about alone, so do it. Live up to your word, as you are most certainly capable of doing great things solo. So, do them, Sagittarius. 

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

You are quite used to being stared at when you say something that you totally know is off the wall and perhaps even bizarre, but on this day, February 9, 2024, you will see that even you can push the boundary between what a person can take and what they feel they must reject, in an obvious way.


It will be during the transit of Moon square Uranus that a friend of yours tells you right to your face that you are full of it.

Wow, so that's how they feel? Well, Aquarius, yes, that is how they feel, but since when have you cared what others think of YOUR dreams and schemes?

If you feel this comes on too strong for you and that it gets you down, then remember who you are. You may not fit in with the mundane crowd, but have you ever wanted to? Not on your life, no. So, your difference will come through on this day, and Moon square Uranus will bring it out in shining colors.




Don't worry about what others say. They lack the imagination that you have, and you have found a way to make imagination work for you in ways they could never conceive of. This creates jealousy in the people around you, but in truth ... this is their problem. You aren't here to make life more convenient for them by dulling your shine so they can cope. You are fine 'as is,' Aquarius.

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