3 Zodiac Signs Set Big Relationship Boundaries On February 4

Respect the boundaries of others, as we kindly ask for the same, in return.

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If there were an astrological transit that was meant to show us that there are certain boundaries that cannot be crossed in our love lives, then Moon square Saturn would have to be the representative of this kind of personal growth.

February 4, 2024, will show three zodiac signs that there is a boundary and that it must not be crossed, not even by an intimate partner ... or rather, especially by an intimate partner.


Respect for boundaries is respect for the person, and we must understand that just because we say no to certain privileges, it has nothing to do with how much or little we love another person.

What we have is self-respect, and the three zodiac signs are very good at believing in themselves and protecting the rights to their own space.

Just because we love another person does not mean we are granted access to every single bit of information that we have. This isn't about retaining the mystery. 


This is about knowing that we, as individuals, are entitled to our privacy and that not everything has to be shared.

The love we find on this day, February 4, 2024, is the love that respects the boundaries of others, as we kindly ask for the same in return.

Three zodiac signs set boundaries in their relationships on February 4, 2024:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

What makes this day slightly difficult for you is that setting boundaries is something you've always done with romantic partners, and it's also been what's broken that relationship apart. You are so hesitant this time about how you show the person you are in a romantic relationship with on this day, February 4, 2024, that you may forfeit your right to do so.


What's going on is that during Moon square Saturn, which is this day's strongest transit, you know that it's now or never and that you have to defend your boundaries once again, as this is no joke to you. You are very serious about your own space, and while you don't want to insult your romantic partner, you also don't want them getting used to making your space their stomping ground.

So, it's all about 'how' you communicate your deep feelings on this day, February 4, 2024, Gemini. You know from the past that you've defended your space the wrong way, and you've insulted the people in your life whom you really didn't want to insult. So, if you're about to finesse the right words on Moon square Saturn, you'll do the right thing by yourself ... without having to lose another one in the process. Be brave, and trust that the right words will come to you at the right time.

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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)


You have always split the difference between protecting your boundaries and letting others step all over them. On one hand, you don't want to offend people, especially if by 'people' you mean your romantic partner.

You don't want this person to flee in terror simply because you've told them that it's terribly important for you to have your own 'untouched' space and that they are actually 'not allowed in.'

Depending on how you manage to express yourself on February 4, 2024, you would get a reaction that either supports your need to keep your boundaries, or you might offend this person utterly.

The thing is, what you are asking for is real, natural and totally justified.  You don't have to over-explain yourself, Cancer. Boundaries and boundaries — and you have every right to have them.


During the transit of the Moon square Saturn, you may feel hesitant to explain why you need this line to be NOT CROSSED. The interesting thing is that your partner is much finer about it all than you ever gave them credit for. You may be comparing them to someone who didn't take your demand well, but don't get stuck on that. This is an entirely different person, and they can deal with your desire for boundaries just fine.

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3. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

There are certain deal breakers for you, and if those deals are broken, then you remove yourself from the picture without hesitation. During Moon square Saturn on February 4, 2024, you will find that you are not being listened to.


You have a situation at home where you are clearly being ignored. This has to do with someone in your life who crosses the line willy-nilly and has no regard for your boundaries.

What you've come to know is that this person, who is more than likely your romantic partner in life, takes you for granted. While they absolutely don't mean anything malicious, they are not seeing you clearly, which is why, on this day,

February 4, 2024, during the transit of Moon Square Saturn, you will have to state it in reality. This is the day you tell them, point blank, that you are dead serious about your boundaries being crossed and that if they do it once more, it's over.


Not that you are going to end your romance over this, but you are definitely going to be powered up with the ability to threaten in this capacity. You just want this person to get it through their thick skull that you have the right to your personal space; just because you're a couple doesn't mean they can trample all over your 'stuff.' You are not into that, and Moon square Saturn shows you that you had better make with the truth-telling and boundary setting ... and fast.

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