3 Zodiac Signs May Find It Hard To Love Their Partner On February 3

We must forge on ... without each other.
Things feel like they have changed.

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There are times during a long-term relationship when our differences seem to win out over our similarities, and all we have to look forward to are days of monotony and the dread of trying to get along ... when we know deep down inside that we really can't go on like this anymore.

While these situations are usually surmountable, we can't help but start to get into the mindset that we just 'can't love' that other person anymore.


On February 3, 2024, we will be visited by a cosmic transit, Moon opposite Uranus, that will govern over these kinds of feelings, and three zodiac signs will definitely have the feeling that they, too, cannot love the person they are with and that something has to give ... or we'll just explode.


Nobody wants to have this kind of feeling. Yet, it's undeniable when it happens, and Moon opposite Uranus expands on the idea that perhaps 'we really are too different' to be together and that our differences, at this point, really are what will tear us apart. We may even make an amicable decision together that the love is gone and that we must forge on ... without each other. But for most of us, the feeling willl pass and we will emerge stronger than before. Just give it time. 

Three zodiac signs find it hard to love their partner on February 3, 2024:

1. Cancer, you feel like you fell out of love.

At one point, you and your romantic partner were the cream of the crop where romance relationships were concerned, and you inspired envy and adoration in all of your friends. You enjoyed this so much, and while you didn't set out to inspire envy, you were happy that what you created with this beautiful person was so 'elite' that others wished to emulate what you had.

If only it could last, but this is life, and everything is transitional. In a world that promises nothing permanent, sometimes we have to learn the hard way that not even our loved ones' lives are guaranteed.

During the transit of Moon opposite Uranus, you will see that February 3, 2024, brings you some eye-opening news  the kind you can no longer pretend doesn't exist.


What's going on during this day is that you now feel as though you've come to the end of the road with the person who was once the person you lived for. You've done it all, and you've seen it all with them, and it seems that time really wore the relationship down. Now, during Moon opposite Uranus, you feel as though you can't go another day with this person, as the two of you have fallen out of love and into some kind of dullard state. This cannot last, and you won't let it continue. You will have a talk that will change everything, but fret not, this could be for the better and you emerge stronger than ever. 

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2. Capricorn, things have changed.

The romantic life that you have now bears absolutely no resemblance to the shared wonder that you once had with the very same person, and while you knew that the hyped-up state of 'being in love' would not last forever, you weren't sure how it would go down, or honestly ... if it ever would. You played along with this relationship just assuming that somehow, no matter what, you'd keep it going ... and here you are on this day, February 3, 2024, and it's not happening.

You know it, and they know it. During the transit of Moon opposite Uranus on this day, it will hit you: you don't love the person you were once madly in love with ... and you know for sure that the feeling is mutual on their part. And somehow ... that's OK. This is not something that happened overnight. This is something that took years to get to, and now that you are here, living in that truth, you want to end it once and for all.


That's fine, too, Capricorn. This is your one life, after all, and if you are unhappy, then you should do something about it. During the Moon's opposition to Uranus, you'll see that it's not just you who is unhappy but your partner, too. Two people staying together unhappily makes no sense to either of you, and so, with bravery and fortitude, you will both do what's best for yourself as individuals, which could mean ending things or working together to find a solution and connect again in a way that will stand the test of time. 

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3. Aquarius, you're no longer in love.

Just as well, we really only wish to be happy with our one life on Earth, so do you feel this way? What you have been experiencing as of late is a very obvious feeling of dissatisfaction with your romantic partner.

This has been a while in the making, and you're not kidding yourself about any of it. February 3, 2024, opens your eyes to the fact that you just can't muster up any love for the person who is supposed to be your life partner.


While it's a sad day for realizations, part of it comes to you because of the transit, Moon opposite Uranus, which stirs up the energy and inspires you to think out of the box. This wake-up call shows you that you must move on, as you are not someone who can handle stagnation. It may feel like a sad day, but it's a day of transformation, and it's badly needed. You needed this wake-up call, Aquarius.

Whatever happened between the two of you happened, and there's no going backward, mending the broken pieces, or trying again. You both feel as though you are way past the point of no return, and during Moon opposite Uranus, the idea of not returning is exactly what will come to be. Whether you act on it will depend on what's in your heart and whether your partner meets you where you are and the two of you come together again. 

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