3 Zodiac Signs Want A Simple Romance On January 24, 2024

This day brings out the 'dreamer' in us all.

3 Zodiac Signs Want A Simple Romance On January 24, 2024 Esenefte from snft studio, burdaki from Getty Images, evablancophotos | Canva Pro

By the time we run into Moon trine Neptune on January 24, 2024, we will have figured out a whole lot of things about ourselves when it comes to love, dating, and getting into a real romantic relationship. This transit definitely brings out the 'dreamer' in us all, and we may find that our dream love is a much better love than our real-life love.

What this means is that, in our minds, we'd like to 'try this love out' before buying. Because Moon trine Neptune has us convinced that it's a much better idea to get into a 'no strings attached' love affair rather than to leap straight into a commitment, we end up buying our own sales pitch. This is what we convince ourselves that we want; a romance that is both simple and uncomplicated.


Three zodiac signs are particularly swayed by Neptune's influence and will find that this really does sound like a good starting point. Why make promises we can't keep? We have enough experience on Earth to know that love takes time and getting to know a person is a real effort, so why not make this a slow burn rather than a 'strings attached' enterprise right from the start?


Three zodiac signs want a simple romance on January 24, 2024:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

While you may seem very interested in something deeper than a 'no strings attached' love affair with your present romantic partner, you know that that's not the message you're trying to give out. You even told them in the beginning that you're not ready to go all out just yet and that they need to give you time because you don't want to commit if you're not feeling it. As of January 24, 2024, you're still not feeling it.

That's OK, and you should go with your gut. During the transit of Moon trine Neptune, you feel as though what you have to offer should be enough, and so when your partner asks you if maybe you'd be interested in making this into a committed relationship, you kind of feel as though they haven't been listening to you. You've seen this before, too, and this is one of the main reasons you don't want to commit.

You'd like to get to know this person better, and even if that takes years to do, you really want this to happen on your terms, which means you leave yourself the option of having no strings attached. You don't want to have to do anything and you don't want to be pressured into doing something that you wholly do not believe in. You'll get there when you get there, Taurus, and that's the only way.


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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You're going to take a hint from your book of life and love on this day, January 24, 2024, and you're going to stick by your own rule. No strings attached when it comes to romance. As of now, that's how you feel and you aren't planning on deviating from this course. During the transit of Moon trine Neptune, you'll see that if it makes sense to you, that's the only person you need to concern yourself with.

You are also upfront about your feelings with your romantic partner; you made it clear from the get-go that you weren't into commitment and that you can't do the 'strings' thing. You're a free bird and if they don't like those odds, then they have the choice of walking away. Being that they stuck around and knew your truth, they really have nothing to stand on if they complain about your ways. You warned them, and you're not going back on your word.


Knowing that — at this point in your life — not committing is what's best for you, you'll come up against conflict during Moon trine Neptune, as your partner might get it into their heads that it might be time to try out a 'commitment.' Well, that's a sad thing for you because it puts you in the position of having to break it to them one more time: You want a a simple affair. 'Take it or leave it, but do not break your own heart.'

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

When you first meet the person you are with, you let them know that you really do adore having fun with them, but that you aren't quite sure if you can take this all the way, meaning ... marriage, kids, the whole nine yards. There's just something about living your life with no strings attached to another person that really appeals to you, and you figure if you are honest from the start, you can avoid drama later on down the road.


On January 24, 2024, you may see some drama finally crop up, as the person you are with — who is also the person who agreed to a simple and uncomplicated romance policy, now wants to get into something more committed, and that's mostly because they are influenced by the transit of Moon trine Neptune, which puts us into our dreamworlds, where we see things beautifully ... though our thoughts may not be the kind that is mutually agreed upon.

You hate letting people down, especially when you love them, and you might find that January 24, 2024, has you breaking the news to this person ... for the thousandth time: you are not interested in 'all that and a bag of chips.' You are interested in them as a person, as a lover, as someone you want to know more and more about as time goes on, but you don't want to be tied down or held to it. It's just a preference, that's all. Just ... be you, Pisces. It's OK.

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