3 Zodiac Signs Develop Self-Respect & Self-Love On December 8, 2023

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One of the hardest lessons to comprehend is the one that teaches us to put ourselves before others. We will fight this tooth and nail, as we are simultaneously being told to consider others and that to think of ourselves as 'number one' is selfish and arrogant. This is where the lines blur and the lessons get lost in translation.

What's going on here on December 8, 2023, is that we are honoring the transit of Moon square Pluto, and this transit puts us in the position of having to look over the reality of our lives. For three zodiac signs, this day is going to have a big impact on how we see ourselves in relation to how we see others.

While we started out talking about putting ourselves 'first,' it will be on this day that we come to understand why this is important and why we need to love ourselves at all costs.

Self-love is not conceit, nor is it selfish. It's about respecting this one life we have and honoring it as if it were gold. During Moon square Pluto, we will see why this is imperative, if not obvious.

Three zodiac signs develop self-respect and self-love on December 8, 2023:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

You are, by nature, a very loving and generous person. You know that it all starts with self-love. In the past, you've wondered if perhaps you should put others before you, just to show good faith. Here's where that lesson rewrites itself for you.

On December 8, 2023, during the transit of Moon square Pluto, you are going to have an experience that shows you that self-love is the only road you need if you are to be that 'good' person to others.

It is always your wish to be good to others, as this is just a part of who you are. Yes, you're a fiery Aries and you can fight the good fight any old day of the week. There's a deeper truth to you, and that is that you like being liked, and you really do want to be accepted. You may be a badass on the surface, but inside, you really are vulnerable and that's how you learn that your best support system is 'self-love.'

Self-love is what gives you the ability to give to others with sincerity. Can you fake it? You can, but you'll feel it. If your mission in life is to be nice to others and to gain their trust and confidence in you, then you need to present yourself as authentic. People pick up on neurosis and it changes their minds. During the transit of Moon square Pluto on December 8, 2023, you will show them that you are made of love and that you can, indeed, be trusted.

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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

You have suffered enough at your hand or, in your case, through the torments of your mind. You have spent way too much time in the land of Self Hate and you've seen what it's done to you. You've always heard of 'self-love' and in your jaded way, you've brushed it off as some kind of 21st-century fad. It is a trend that sounds cool on TikTok but is not something you can adapt to in real life.

December 8, 2023, changes all that because, during the transit of Moon square Pluto, you're going to see that there really is something to all this 'self-love' jargon ... and it's not all jargon.

You are ready now to toss off the cloak of bitterness and try something new. This is how that Virgo intelligence of yours goes to work. You won't let yourself down for long, not if there's a viable means by which you can lift yourself — and there is. It's called self-love.

For you, it's mostly about self-acceptance. This is, of course, the bane of your existence, literally. Friday you come to terms with the idea that perhaps you really are great 'as is.' Perhaps all that you've disrespected was really worth something all this time, and that during Moon square Pluto, you realize that you still have time left to get on board with loving yourself that you know will redeem your entire life.

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3. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

You feel as though you've done so many bad things that you are irredeemable. You feel like your guilt conscience has finally eaten the last of your positive vibes up and that all you now have are days and days of reliving all the mistakes you've previously made. How depressing, Libra.

Here's the kicker: you're not into depression, which is why, on December 8, 2023, everything is going to change. You aren't one to live in that sulky space.

During the transit of Moon square Pluto, you are going to see that you've entered into a period of self-pity that is beyond what you can endure, and you won't endure it, Libra. You will see this day and this transit as a grand opportunity to transform your entire life. Yes, you have done some shady things. Should you punish yourself for all of eternity for these actions? No. You've paid your price, and now it's time to move on.

Self-love is the key to all of it, Libra. To know that you can give yourself another chance is the greatest act of self-love that you can experience. You are not stuck and the past is something you can't rewrite ... but it is also something that no longer exists. December 8 is for love and peace. You are welcome in on this experience. During Moon square Pluto, you will accept the invitation and walk right in. Good for you, Libra.

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