3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes For November 30, 2023

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The only thing that really gets on our nerves today is this weird idea that things aren't moving fast enough for our tastes. It's November 30, 2023 and we are, quite frankly, tired of the year and we just want it to get a move on already. That's not to say we are having problems or that we're walking around in a bad mood; we're just all about waiting for the new year.

This is, of course, exacerbated by the Waning Gibbous in Cancer, which, in its unassuming way, is one of the biggest and most draggiest transits of them all. This is the lunar event that absolutely makes three zodiac signs feel like the air is made of jello and everything takes an effort to get through. We just want it over with already.

While this is most definitely not the day for panic as the Waning Gibbous Moon isn't all that intense, what three zodiac signs will come to know is that time does its thing its way and there's no way we can speed it up or slow it down. So, today is all about patience and the knowledge that all things happen in their own time, as it is.

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on November 30, 2023:

1. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

Right now, you feel as though time is just standing still. You're still at work, still doing the same thing, and still witnessing that the year is still active, and yet ... nobody's into it. You kick back and witness this faux joy and you wonder if everyone around you is just faking it or if there's even a shred of truth to this so-called 'joyous' season. If so, then you're happy for those who find it too wonderful, but as far as you're concerned, all you feel today, November 30, 2023, is ... tired.

Can we just get this over with already? You feel like you've cooked the meals, eaten the desserts, indulged in all the bad things that money can buy and you're still just here ... waiting. You aren't happy about being the Angel of Death that hovers around everyone with a smirk of disdain on your face, but you feel that maybe humor is your only way out of this waiting game. This is as much fun as being in the waiting room at the gynecologist's office.

During the Waning Gibbous Moon, you feel as though you are constantly reminded how joyful everything is, and that makes you want to stomp up and down on your computer just to see what happens. In other words, you may find that during the Waning Gibbous Moon, you'll become destructive simply because it's something to do. It's the endless 'festive' vibe that's killing you. You may find that comedy is the only way out.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

This is the season where you feel like 'enough is enough.' It's November 30, and you've made it. The year 2023 is about to go into the history books and you can't help but feel like it's already gone, done and evaporated. Your birthday has passed; Sagittarius season is here, and all you have on your mind is January, new beginnings and fresh, new positive attitudes. Those are the things that elude you today. Today offers you impatience, boredom and waiting.

What you may also be noticing is that your romantic partner is a little more chipper than you're into, as chipper is the opposite end of the spectrum that you're existing on right now. While you don't want to come off as the ultimate buzzkill, you really don't know if you can keep pace with your partner as they happily make their way through November and into lovely, festive December. Who's not into it? You, Scorpio. You.

Being happy and cheerful is totally in your ballpark, but you just don't want to have to force it out of you. This day has you showing everyone around you what a 'sardonic smile' is all about. You will grin through your teeth and appease everyone around you. They will all know that if it were up to you, you'd speed-dial yourself right through to January 1. This is just a slow burn that you'd rather not have to experience. Too bad for that, Scorpio.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

OK, OK, can somebody pick up the speed now? You're starting to feel as though you've just entered the event horizon of a black hole that is slowly starting to rip your mind apart. That's how the Waning Gibbous Moon hits you, like a black hole. Today, November 30, 2023, has you feeling like an astronaut who lost your way and is now lost in space, wondering when your face is finally going to freeze off, once and for all.

What bugs you most about the Waning Gibbous Moon on November 30, 2023, is that you haven't entered December yet. What kind of cosmic joke is this? Does this day have to take a full year to be completed? It sure feels like that, and having your birthday coming up soon enough doesn't seem to help. It all feels as though it's too much. Too much celebrating, too much downtime, happy-happy joy-joy.

You keep telling yourself, 'This, too, shall pass,' and yet nothing seems to pass. You're going to wake up tomorrow and it's going to be the first day of December. That makes you want to immediately get into that time machine — the one you keep in the basement for emergencies — and skedaddle right on into 2024, stat. Life goes on, and you are grateful to be alive, but you are quite sure you don't have the patience to do another 'celebration' gig.

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