3 Zodiac Signs Are Very Lucky In Love On November 17, 2023

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Three zodiac signs are very lucky in love on November 17, 2023, and we can see why based on the transit Moon trine Uranus. If 'a good day' could be described as one where we express ourselves, let our hair down and act in an uninhabited way, then November 17, 2023 encapsulates all of those traits.

The three zodiac signs who are very lucky in love on November 17: Taurus, Virgo, and Pisces.

These conditions are pretty fabulous when love is the topic. For those of us who are both born under one of the three zodiac signs mentioned and are in love with someone special, this is the day we take it all a step further.

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There's nothing to hold us back on November 17, and whenever we have a Uranus transit, we tend to feel a little freer with our romantic expressions.

Being that this transit, Moon trine Uranus, is the best the planet can offer, we will see that the three zodiac signs will react very well. We will take Uranus up on its goodwill offer and we will seize the day as best as we can.

This day is not for the shy at heart; this day goes out to the zodiac signs who are ready to say what's on their mind to the person who needs to hear it the most. We aren't holding back, and it's all good; we mean to please.

What we're going to tell our romantic partners is nothing short of an expression of true love, utter devotion and a willingness to continue with them for as long as possible.

Three zodiac signs are very lucky in love on November 17, 2023:


Inner confidence improves your relationship dynamics bringing better results to your love life.

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Well, it's about time. What's your reaction to November 17, 2023? You've been feeling pretty hopeless recently. While you never really let yourself plummet into despair, you've had your moments where you seriously didn't think you'd be making a comeback in terms of you and your romantic partner. Then it all hits you: you were waiting for the right cosmic moment. The timing is right tonight, and it comes to you via Moon trine Uranus.



For the first time in what feels like weeks, you seem to have your confidence back. You mean to use it to create a situation between yourself and your partner that will, in your mind, be foolproof. What's going on is that you have started to feel as though your partner is on the mend and that gives you the impression that there's still something there to fight for. During Moon trine Uranus, you will say something to them that will not only stir their emotions but it will get them back on track with you.

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Being dismayed is not something you want to keep as a permanent installation in your love life. You've been feeling as if it's 'now or never,' and well, it seems that the time to jump occurs now. It's NOW and 'never' is not going to happen. You are going to save this relationship singlehandedly because you've got all the right tools under your belt. You know what to say, how to act and how to be the hero. Good luck, Taurus!


Emotional healing is what brings you luck in love.

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Coming to terms with your life has always been something you've avoided. In doing so, you end up carrying around the burden of so many unfulfilled dreams that it hurts at times. You want to unburden yourself once and for all, and you want to do it in a safe environment with someone you trust. This is your partner, and while they know what's going on inside you, they don't know the entire truth. Now is the time you release your pain, and because of Moon trine Uranus, it feels good to be rid of it finally.

You are lucky to have a partner who wants to listen to you. On November 17, 2023, you're going to see just how fortunate you really are, as the transit of Moon trine Uranus lets you see that not everyone gets this kind of relationship. Your partner is there for you, and whether they fully 'get' you or not really doesn't matter. What person truly understands another person anyway? What matters to you is that you can tell your partner what's on your mind.



Not only that, this opens up the floodgates to more and more sharing. You may end up doing some listening as your shares inspire your partner to tell their story to you, as well. You'll find that during Moon trine Uranus, it feels good just to get it all off your chest. You will be happy and grateful to know that you really do have a loving partner who is ready, willing and able to hear you out.

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Your luck comes from an ability to spark interest in your partner.

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You've always been pretty uninhabited when it comes to love, passion and romance, and now is no different. However, November 17, 2023, brings you the added help of Moon trine Uranus, which helps you to invite your partner into your world of expression, creativity and imagination. You are a constant source of surprise and delight to your romantic partner, and this sort of 'ups the ante' on all of that.

You know what it's like to be a game changer, as you've oftentimes been the only one in the room who has thoughts and ideas that are truly out of the box. You don't think like other people; you aren't as restricted or inhibited when it comes to being real. On this day, during the transit of Moon trine Uranus, you'll be yourself ... only tenfold. You will shock, stun and delight your partner once again, and they will be inspired to do the same. What fun!



Moon trine Uranus is custom-made for someone like you, Pisces, as you've never really had a problem with being 'out there.' In fact, during transit like this one, you feel comfortable in your skin. Your self-esteem seems to make it comfortable for others around you to feel good about themselves. You are purely positive energy and your lucky romantic partner will enjoy sharing some amazing moments with you on November 17, 2023.

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