November 15 Love Horoscopes Are Lucky For 3 Zodiac Signs

Today, you will feel as if everything that is good and right with the world has just invited you in.

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We might be able to consider ourselves 'smooth operators' on November 15 because during the transit, Mercury sextile Venus, we are swift with our words and loving with our intentions. We are lucky in love because we know how to turn a phrase into something romantic and charming. 

For the three zodiac signs mentioned here, we will see that we are not only lucky in love ... we bring luck to others. We make other people happy.


Isn't it funny when you notice how another person holds back on being kind with words or when they can't say the words, "I love you?" What an odd thing to see such a reserved person, and yet, we're surrounded by people who cannot speak these kinds of things to others. Fear gets in the way of love and holds us back ... sometimes to the point where all we do is miss out.



Mercury sextile Venus lets the floodgate open up for us, and if we are wise — and open — we will see that being bighearted is such a sweet thing to experience. Being nice to others is wonderful and takes nothing away from us. We will find that during the transit of Mercury sextile Venus, we are not depleted by giving love. In fact, we are made whole. November 15 brings great potential to love and to lovers, thanks to the transit Mercury sextile Venus.


Three zodiac signs who are luckiest in love on November 15, 2023:

1. Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

No need to ask; you're a smooth operator, Cancer, and that's because, on this day, you know what to say to get the response that will make your partner the happiest. There may be times when you hesitate to tell your love exactly how you feel about them, but on this day, November 15, 2023, you spare no such words. You carefully craft the most delightful things to say, and without hesitation, you say them — you delight.

Days like this are few and far between, as there aren't many days in your life where all you want to do is sweet talk to your romantic partner. However, during the transit of Mercury sextile Venus, you'll find that life is just too short to do anything less than just that. If you are as lucky as you are to have the person you love in your life, right here and now, then you're going to let that person know exactly how you feel.

And, the way you feel is lucky. Lucky to be in love, lucky to be alive, and so very lucky to have the love and trust of a person whom you find to be special and precious. Your partner is the one for you, and you won't let them go ... ever. This emotional reaction enables you to pour on the niceties, and your partner will definitely be overjoyed, if not giddy, by the end of the day. 'You done good,' Cancer!

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2. Libra (September 23 - October 22)

November 15, 2023, lets you see that it's time to play the role of the nice person, as you feel you've really shown way too much of your other side recently. The truth is, you really are a nice person, but sometimes you let life get to you, and when it gets to you, you tend to put your walls up and act coldly. You have seen how this behavior hurts your romantic partner, and they are the last person in the world that you want to hurt. In all honesty, you really don't want to hurt anyone.

The interesting thing is that when you DO decide to go whole hog on the sweet words, you happen to be an expert. That's where Mercury sextile Venus comes in, as your supporting transit of the day. While you know, you can sweet talk your way out of a plastic bag. You know also that it's a good idea to do so when the mood takes you, as nothing bad ever comes out of it when you are honestly kind.

Today gives you the confidence to just go for it, in terms of being kind and loving to your partner. They deserve it, too; this person works hard and could use a booster shot of supportive tenderness. That's what you are here for today, Libra, and with Mercury's sextile Venus in the sky, you don't mind delivering the full power of your lovingkindness. Your partner will giggle with delight over the entire idea.

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3. Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

There are days when you feel like you don't trust a single thing in the whole wide world. Then, there are days like November 15, 2023, when all the world seems right, and you feel as safe and secure as you can be. When you feel safe, and you know that the people in your life are doing well, you feel free enough to bring even more positive energy to the table. During the transit of Mercury sextile Venus, you will feel as if everything good and right with the world has just invited you in.

Your romantic partner will be the first one in line to receive your amazing gift for kind words, and while you might even laugh at yourself for being so gosh darn corny — hey, it works. You are a total charmer during Mercury sextile Venus, and you appreciate the cosmic backup. It's nice to know the universe has your back ... and on this day, November 15, 2023, it certainly does. You won't be able to shake the feeling that your actions are universally supported.

What this results in is a state of mutual trust between you and your partner. While that trust is always there, there's no crime in adding to it, and what your partner will see coming from you is a new, upgraded version of the love they've come to believe in. You make them a believer on this day, Aquarius. Your way with word works, not because you're talented (which you are) but because you are sincere. Your words reflect what's really going on in your heart, and that's a beautiful thing.


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