3 Zodiac Signs Get Hurt Easily Starting November 14, 2023

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November 14, 2023, will definitely be bringing out the sensitivities in certain people. Perhaps maybe even a little too much, as many of us will be taking everything to heart during today's transit of Moon conjunct Mercury. Three zodiac signs will be recognized within the moment when that sensitivity could go one way or the other. Will we hear something that opens our eyes, or will we hear something that opens our eyes and cuts us to the quick?

In a way, today's transit, Moon conjunct Mercury, is all about choices. We have the choice as to how we're going to perceive something we don't want to know on this day. Someone we love may say something to us that isn't altogether fair or even unkind, and depending on where we want to take that information, we may end up going too far with our emotional responses.



November 14 is a tricky day for emotions, as we could let our minds go into overtime, ending up heartbroken and blue ... if we don't get a grip on what's going on. We overreact to things on this day, and during Moon conjunct Mercury, we will see that, for three zodiac signs, it's hard not to take it all personally. We can avoid having our hearts broken, but we have to be aware that we have this choice.

Here are which of the zodiac signs who get hurt easily starting November 14, 2023:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You know this about yourself: you can take things way too hard and end up feeling more pain than is necessary. On November 14, 2023, it's as if you go out looking to be hurt, and while that's not fair, you may even see it that way by the end of the day. You have a problem with someone; this is true. You are afraid of confronting them, and so, on some unconscious level, you are waiting around for them to be 'the bad guy.' You are waiting for them to break your heart.

This person is not here to break your heart, however, and during Moon conjunct Mercury, you will take their words, and you will twist them in such a way that you end up getting what you want out of the deal: you make them the bad guy, the insensitive person, the one who is here to break your heart. That is how you are able to find the right time to do what you've wanted to do: leave them.

You don't want to take the responsibility of being the person who needs to get out of this relationship, be it a friendship or a romance. Now that they've expressed themselves, you can take their words and make those words seem worse than they are. You don't 'want' to feel pain, but you need a good excuse to separate yourself from this person. So, on this day, during Moon conjunct Mercury, you claim that they've broken your heart. That's your 'out.'

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2. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

On this day, November 14, 2023, you are going to decide that your heart is broken. While you definitely feel overly sensitive and tender during the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury, you are also somewhat 'opportunistic' when it comes to your sensitivity and what you'll be doing is making your heartache work for you. What you've been seeking is leverage in your romantic relationship, and if you're in emotional pain, then you're the one holding the cards. Leverage achieved.

That's not to say you're faking it; you're not. You really do feel hurt by something that your partner has done, but you know in your heart that you're not dying over it. Yes, your partner can be insensitive and careless with their words, and yes, they've hurt you in the past ... but what they do this time around is really not all that intense. It's that you CHOOSE to make a bigger deal out of it because it suits your needs.

So, today's transit of Moon conjunct Mercury does find a way to bring out your twisted side, and this only works if you really are in pain. If you analyze what's really going on on November 14, 2023, you'll see that all you want is to be soothed. Your desire to be soothed can only take place if your display of heartbreak is grand enough in scale to demand the kind of attention you seek today. You'll get what you want, Capricorn.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

Your heart is easily broken, but that doesn't mean you won't take advantage of this fact on November 14, 2023. What this implies is that if your heart is broken, then there's someone to blame for it, and during today's transit of Moon conjunct Mercury, finding someone to blame actually helps you cope. You are unhappy with several things in your life, and some of those things have to do with dissatisfaction in yourself. 

Rather than look too closely at what you know is 'your' problem, you make good use of someone else's bad mood, and you prod them into arguing with you over nothing. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, you're in a deep argument with the person you love, and that's when you switch into victim mode. They've hurt your feelings now, and that means ... they are to blame. You've successfully created the detour.

Your sensitivity is real, but the degree of heartbreak isn't necessarily as deep as you make it out to be. Yes, you are faking it, but you're still feeling heartbroken. During the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury, you don't listen; you only speak. You don't consider that there are two people involved; you see only your side, and you sulk in it. This is how Moon conjunct Mercury affects you on November 14, 2023.

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