3 Zodiac Signs Want A Long-Term Commitment Starting November 12, 2023

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There's a reason why we pay attention to the phases of the Moon as: there is a very strong relationship that we have with our Moon ... it affects us, influences us ... it's present and in the sky, and we can see it with our own eyes. Lunar transits have always been felt. We see it in the tides, in our moods and in the way luck presents itself to us.



During the waning Crescent Moon in Scorpio, we are going to get a chance to know that, while we're smack dab in the middle of something, we're going to have to make a 'next move.' This waning Moon shows us that we're right at the center of it all. that much like the Moon itself, things have to change. We have to change, and because this is a Scorpio Moon that we're talking about, the change is going to have something to do with love and romance.

We have to figure out what we want from the relationship we're in and whether or not we want anything at all. What this waning Moon in Scorpio is going to bring three zodiac signs on this day, November 12, 2023, is the reality-based idea that we are now, finally ready to move into phase two. We want a long-term relationship now. We have arrived.

Three zodiac signs ready for a long-term commitment on November 12, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

You know that you've been on the fence for a long time when it comes to figuring out what your next move will be in terms of your love life, and yet the idea of settling down has always scared you to a degree. You have wondered if perhaps this fear is always going to hold you back and if feeling this afraid is intuitive and correct or if it's simply fear taking over and not letting you advance in this life. During the waning Moon in Scorpio on November 12, 2023, you will be tired of the fear, and you will come to a decision.

You now recognize your fear as an inhibition; it's keeping you a baby. You have a solid chance of having a great, loving, long-term relationship. Yet, you've wasted so much time already, thinking that it's just for fun. Time has let you know that you need to make a move here; your partner needs to know what your intentions are. During the waning Moon in Scorpio, you will make a bold move and opt for the commitment.

This decision doesn't come easy to you, nor do you do this on a whim. You've been thinking this through forever, but you've just allowed your fear to overrule your decisions. Today changes all of that as you allow in the true nature that comes with the waning Moon in Scorpio, as it shows you that today is the day you must change your life and that there is nothing to fear in making this kind of change.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

In your mind, you've always seen yourself as this stable creature who would, of course, have a wonderful family life and a sturdy long-term relationship with an amazing person. While this idea may be built on ideals, you are an idealist at heart, and so when the opportunity arises for you to manifest your ideal as reality, you do just that. During waning Moon in Scorpio, you'll find that the door to this opportunity opens for you today, November 12, 2023.

What would a long-term relationship mean to you? Well, it would show others that you are capable of being one, for starters, and so much of what you do in this life is for the benefit of others. You want to impress the other people in your life with the fact that you can settle down and be happy and that you're not the ne'er do well that you think they see you as. But ... is this something YOU want, Leo? The answer is ... yes. You are finally ready to settle down. It's real.

During waning Moon in Scorpio, you feel strong about your idea to commit to the person you love for the long haul. After all, you've been up and down with this person. Honestly, if you're going to spend your time doing anything, it might as well be with this person. Plus, there's the fact that you don't want to look for someone new. Yes, you love your person, but you're also way too lazy to start anew. This will do, and you are ready for it.

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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

With all of the intense Scorpio energy going on these days, you feel as though you need to grab hold of something that you can call your own. You feel an almost desperate desire to grasp onto something and secure it. What you'll find happening during the waning Moon in Scorpio on November 12, 2023, is that the best thing to call your own would be the relationship you are presently in. You feel as though you need to know this is going to last, and the only way to make it so is by ... making it so.

Loyalty is a big thing with you, and you've seen that the romance you've been in has brought you just about everything you need: loyalty, devotion, and truth ... your partner has given it all to you, so why not take the plunge? During waning Moon in Scorpio, you'll want to make the move as you feel you can no longer stay in one place, undecided.

November 12 may go down in your romantic history as an anniversary of sorts, as you and your partner decide that being together and staying together is definitely the right thing to do. It's time to admit that you are really and truly ready for a long-term relationship. What will be, will be, and you are ready to take that risk. You love your person, and they love you, so ... what are you two waiting for? It's all good, Scorpio ... and good luck to you both.

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