Why November 12, 2023 Is A Rough Day For 3 Select Zodiac Signs

Our intentions are fabulous, but we are still limited.

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If we don't mess it all up for ourselves by overestimating our abilities, November 12 could be a good day. We have big ideas, and we believe in ourselves all the way. While that is good, we run the risk of blowing it big time during Moon opposite Jupiter because it is during this transit that we forget that all actions have consequences.

So, on November 12, 2023, we may envision ourselves as experts or masters at our trade. We may believe that we are charming, charismatic, invincible ... our confidence is through the roof, but that doesn't necessarily mean we really 'are' as good as we believe ourselves to be. With Jupiter transits, you never know, as everything is blown out of proportion, especially when the transit is Moon opposite Jupiter.




Our intentions are fabulous, but we are still limited as to what we really can do, and the humbling factor of the day is coming. Three zodiac signs are ready to rumble, and what they may find out is that there's nothing to rumble for. The only thing that actually makes this day 'rough' for us is that we think it's going to be fantastic when all that's there for us is ... ' meh.'


Here's why these three select zodiac signs have a rough horoscope day starting November 12, 2023:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You want this day to go well for yourself, and you have just the right plan to make it so, and because on November 12, 2023, you feel confident and secure in your actions, you see nothing but success coming your way. You feel as though if put to the test, all you could do is pass it and that you would know the right thing to say and do should the right moment come up for you. You are feeling all the good Jupiter feels, and yet, during Moon opposite Jupiter, you haven't considered the consequences.

Consequences, what consequences? That's the basic feel for the day, Gemini. Because your vision is so fine-tuned and focused, you aren't really seeing the big picture. You have fallen in love with your sense of confidence. While that's not exactly a terrible thing, what it's doing to you is that it's blinding you from certain truths. On November 12, 2023, those 'truths' came in the form of other people's opinions.



What you'll experience is a less-than-rousing reception for all that you believe you are giving. In other words, if you present an idea to your romantic partner, or even to the people you work with, what you think is going to be their amazing reception is actually going to look lukewarm and feel very unenthusiastic. You overshoot your enthusiasm, and you pay by receiving a lackluster response.


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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

You may love the way you feel, Libra, because you really can't see anything but success in the daily lineup of things to do. On November 12, 2023, if all goes right, as you know it will, then you will end up feeling incredible about yourself. You see the end, and it looks good, and the getting there is filled with self-confident moves that you know will wow the people around you. During the transit of the Moon opposite Jupiter, you feel great. However, it's not going to end up as it is in your mind.

What you aren't taking into consideration on this day, November 12, 2023, is that something can go wrong with your plan. You are so self-satisfied with your efforts that, by this point, you don't even want to look at the idea that, perhaps, you aren't as prepared as you think you are. No, why bother going over those kinds of details? It's the details that frighten you; during the Moon opposite Jupiter, you look away when it comes to details.


And, naturally, that's what's going to bring the upset. In truth, you really have done excellent work and you truly do deserve the praise and the kudos for your great efforts. However, the work isn't done yet, and whether you can admit that to yourself or not, what you'll see happening is that others CAN see it. You aren't finished with this 'thing' yet. You might want to be, but during Moon opposite Jupiter, you'll see that there are still more hurdles to jump over.

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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

The entire gist of this day is all about being overly confident, and in your case, Scorpio, this will be directed towards love and romance. While you may be the cutest person in the world, you may make the mistake of thinking that everyone agrees on that idea. Sure, you are adorable and lovable, and during Moon opposite Jupiter, you'll act on that confident stance and make an assumption that isn't necessarily true: you will assume that the person you love loves you back.


November 12 brings you the harsh reality that you may have overstepped your bounds, and when you realize that you're all alone in this love game, you'll become incensed and angry. You didn't want to blow your good mood with anger, but the idea that all you believe to be true about yourself isn't enough for the person you want to impress the most is beyond your comprehension.



Look, don't take it too hard. You still are adorable and worthy of love, and things with this particular person might still work out; you misunderstood the timing of it all. You didn't wait for them to come around. You simply plowed into their life and showed them that you are the one they have to have. They didn't get the memo in time, so you're still on good terms with this person. Just ... relax, take a breath and try again at a later date.

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