These 3 Specific Zodiac Signs May Experience Challenging Horoscopes On November 7, 2023

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Three zodiac signs are in for an interesting day today, November 7, 2023, and that is because whenever we have a transit like Mercury trine Neptune during a Virgo lunation, we are looking at how our thoughts can hold us back. During Mercury trine Neptune, we dream big, but Virgo's influence may have us doubting ourselves as soon as we start to believe in something.

While that may not sound 'interesting' per se, what we're looking at is how big we can dream, how far we can let our minds go, and how deeply involved with our fantasies we can get ... until we take a long, hard in the mirror and decide that nothing we want can come true. Today, November 7, 2023, is all about how self-doubt can ruin a good fantasy.



We can, however, make the best of it if we are creative people, and that might be the saving grace of the day. If we can channel our disappointments into something ... artistic, for example, we may not feel the brunt of those dashed dreams. For some, this is no big deal; we'll live. We've been down this road before. For these three zodiac signs, we're looking at a day filled with self-imposed limits and an inability to see the 'inevitable good.'

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on November 7, 2023:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

During Mercury trine Neptune on November 7, 2023, you may feel as though you are so charged with enthusiasm and the desire to express yourself that you will do just that. You believe in yourself and what you are saying. However, as soon as the words leave your lips, you'll wonder if you've just offended the person or people you've just expressed yourself to. You had it in mind that all you wanted to do was 'bring joy,' and yet, this transit has you second-guessing yourself.

Stuck with this notion that you probably just disappointed someone, you'll try to work your way back into their good graces, but the thing is ... they haven't turned you down. You are just imagining and projecting their rejection of you before they've even said something, and that is how Mercury trine Neptune works. It will have you thinking you've gone about something the wrong way when there's no real evidence to show that you've done anything wrong.

Still, the mind is what the mind is, and on November 7, 2023, those of us who are born under the zodiac sign of Cancer will be a little more neurotic than usual. If we can pull back and realize that none of this is as important as we're making it out to be, then we'll have an easier time with our day. Unfortunately, most Cancers will become overly sensitive and find a way to take our days down, down, down.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

Today might be the day that you try too hard to make something happen that simply isn't meant to be. This is more than likely about connection and human contact, and while it's not limited to your love life, it could very well play out in the realm of romance and love. November 7, 2023, has you trying to do something to impress your romantic partner, only to realize that what you're doing is much more for you than for them.

OK, there's nothing wrong with doing something for yourself, but Mercury trine Neptune will have you thinking that you're being altruistic and placing your own needs on the back burner. All of that seems well and good until you realize that all of it is being done so that you can get a certain kind of reaction from your partner. You want them to see you as their hero; you do have an ulterior motive here, and while it's certainly not a bad thing ... your mind will start to unravel once you realize that you're not coming from a place of purity.

Because you've been called out before for things like 'being selfish' or 'only thinking of yourself,' you won't be able to stand the feeling you have today, as you feel you've once again been discovered as a fraud. The truth is, you're only trying to make your partner smile, but during Mercury trine Neptune, you can't help but feel as though they are doubting you, wondering when you're going to spring that selfish surprise on them.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Today, November 7, 2023, lets you know that you were right to second guess yourself, as you had it in your mind that there was someone from your romantic past whom you could rely on to fulfill a certain fantasy with you. You built yourself a fantasy revolving around this person, and now that you've reconnected with them, you realize they aren't the person you wanted them to be. They've changed over the years, and you wanted them to remain the same.

During the transit of Mercury trine Neptune, you are going to snap out of it, and while you aren't going to freak out over it, you will probably end up laughing at yourself for taking your fantasy that far. You really had it in mind that you and this person would end up together and that this was probably what they wanted as well. Well, you might be able to tempt them back into a conversation with you, but you'll also discover rapidly that they are quite boring. That's what's going to wake you up.

The way this transit, Mercury trine Neptune, affects you is in how you take a look at your dreams and desires. You didn't want to have to see yourself as the person who forever dreams of a love that you can't have, but what can you do? The one you love is a dullard, and even if they want to reunite with you, you've already discovered that you don't want the dream you thought you wanted. You disappointed yourself. Ah well.

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