3 Zodiac Signs Need Personal Space In A Relationship On November 6

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Venus trine Pluto on November 6

Nothing wrong with wanting a little personal space, right? I mean, who doesn't need their own private area, or at least a place where they can do their thing without others trespassing? The thing here is that, we get it into our minds that once we fall in love and start relationships, we have to give up our personal space as if the need for privacy somehow disrespects the relationship.

During Venus trine Pluto on November 6, 2023, we will see three zodiac signs push back. For some of us, the idea of not having personal space within the context of having a relationship is absurd. We're not asking to have a private room to keep a harem of lovers in; we are merely in need of some personal space.



For those of us who feel insecure when our romantic partners need personal space, hey, it's time to get over it. We don't own our lovers; we merely love them and spend precious time with them. We have to understand that human beings need 'room.' We can't be in each other's face 24-7; that's a ridiculous idea that nobody needs to live up to. So, if personal space is requested, then grant it. If you want your own personal space, then simply demand it

Three zodiac signs need their personal space in a relationship on November 6, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

OK, there's just so far you can go with this 'we're in love, and that means we need to be in each other's face every minute of the day' thing. Yes, you are in love, and yes, you love being with your romantic partner, but sheesh, there's a time and a place for everything, and you will make it known on this day that today is your day off. November 6, 2023, isn't the only day you want off; however, it's just the day you let your partner know that you need some personal space.

During the transit of Venus trine Pluto, you feel it's the right time to start making some valuable changes in the relationship. You need space, and you have to assume that they do too. This isn't the kind of space that means you're no longer interested in each other. NO. This is the kind of personal space that you require to work on yourself, get in some self-care, some 'me time.' You don't see how that can do anything for the relationship other than improve it.

You're all about absence making the heart grow fonder, so if you decide that today is the day you need to be alone, then you will boldly declare it. Your partner has to accept this about you; you're not the 24-7, in your face, type. They might be, but if they're going to have a relationship with you, then they are going to have to learn how to loosen those reins, as you are not someone who can be held down.

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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

There is no way in this universe that you would get yourself into a relationship where the person you are with can't handle the idea that you need your own personal space...and that you always will. You are not someone who would ever consent to the idea of sharing every single thing, and you don't see a reason as to why couples agree to such nonsense. Certainly, you can love a person without giving up your autonomy.

During Venus trine Pluto on November 6, 2023, you'll see that your partner has more difficulty handling this idea than you thought they would, and that means you're going to have to step up and lay down the law. Pluto energy supports this need in you and will help guide your words, but the kicker here is that you have to present the idea in a positive way. Your partner is neurotic enough; they have to feel that your need for personal space is not about them.

And, of course, it has nothing to do with them. You are you, and you've always been this way. You need your space in order to live and be a functioning human being. This isn't going to change, and so when you show them that you are very serious about needing personal space, they will have to accept it. This could possibly be the beginning of a much better relationship in the long run.

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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

Oh, there's no way you could be in a relationship with anyone unless they accept you as you are. You are someone who needs personal space in a relationship. You need space to work, to thrive, to be creative. You need personal space so that you can feel independent, as being with a romantic partner can make you feel cramped up and stuck if you don't have such space. You are also someone who firmly believes that this is necessary, and to NOT want personal space means something is wrong.

You don't understand how people can want to share everything because that's what it feels like to you, and during Venus trine Pluto, you will be very clear about this with your partner. You will let them know that they need to get their minds together so that they can handle being alone. You're not leaving them; you're just taking your own personal time to be on your own. They can't manipulate you with their own neediness.

In fact, you won't be manipulated, and that is that. You have a partner who is slightly neurotic and feels that if you do things without them involved, that you must be doing something shady. This could cause you to resent them, but rather than blow it all to pieces, you will try to make them understand that taking personal space and time is a necessity for you. It's not personal; you aren't trying to get away from them; you're just trying to find time for yourself, that's all.

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