3 Zodiac Signs Need Their Me Time On November 4, When Mercury Opposes Uranus

The desire to be alone is a healthy choice for certain zodiac signs.

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The need to be alone is only natural, and during today's transit of Mercury opposite Uranus, many of us will seize the opportunity to get some 'me time.' While being alone has been associated with loneliness or negativity, in a way, it's just the opposite. Three zodiac signs are here to show us that being alone is where all the best ideas happen.

During the transit of Mercury opposite Uranus on November 4, 2023, we are going to see how being alone isn't only something that becomes a burning need for some folks but how those folks use their alone time to create.


This day brings massive creativity to those who dare to dream. November 4, 2023, allows us to fear nothing and boldly go where our hearts take us.

Uranus is a fantastic planet, and its influence helps us to reject the norm and simply ... go for it. And, when we find Mercury opposite Uranus, we're looking at expression mixed with individuality. This transit will affect three zodiac signs in such a positive way that we may end up seeing some real masterworks being created. When left alone, we really and truly shine ... if we dare.


Three zodiac signs need their me time on November 4, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

Being alone is just the thing you need on this day, November 4, 2023, because, in all honesty, you've got something in mind, and you really don't want to be interrupted. Fortunately, you have the right kind of people in your life who understand your creative desires, so when you say you need your alone time, they respect that and give you what you ask for. During Mercury opposite Uranus, there's no problem there.

What this transit affords you, however, is the time and space to think something out. You have huge ideas, but you need to get your organization skills in order, and you can only do that if you can hear yourself think, which you absolutely cannot do if there are people around. While you feel immense gratitude that you don't have to babysit anyone's feelings over the idea of asking for me time, you are still very grateful that they understand.

Creatively, this is a wonderful day for you, and it gives you the sense that what you want to create is not only doable but already in motion. You are a true force of nature, and even if there's nothing in front of you at the moment, that 'nothingness' becomes something special within minutes. You are fully inspired by Mercury opposite Uranus, and it shows Taurus. Good for you. Keep at it.


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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

Being alone is what you need, and the thing is, unlike Taurus, your people aren't as understanding. While it sure would be nicer if you could just get the support you need, you're not going to stop for their sake. In fact, if they decide to condemn you for needing to be alone, then that's on them. You aren't here to cater to anyone's neurosis. In fact, that's one of the reasons why you need to be alone today, November 4, 2023.

While other signs may have a day filled with creative ideas in mind, your idea of creativity is working on yourself, as in giving yourself all the self-care you can muster up. You need a vacation from life, from the people in your life and with the transit of Mercury opposite Uranus, you don't really care if everyone in your life, including your romantic partner, finds you anti-social. Once again, that's on them. That's their problem, not yours.


Today, during Mercury opposite Uranus, you are all about being alone, singing in the shower, talking to yourself and having a grand old time ... all by your lonesome. When the time is right to bring the hungry hordes back in, you'll do so, but on November 4, 2023, the day is yours, all yours, and you are not sharing. Live your life, Virgo, as this is the only one you'll get. Your life ... your terms.

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3. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

Being alone is not some kind of new kick for you; it's your way of life, and during Mercury opposite Uranus on November 4, 2023, you're merely going to establish this fact once again as the call for privacy hits you big time today. You make sure that all the people in your life know that you are somewhat of a loner, and even if you are in a romantic relationship, you know that your partner understands this about you and supports it.


It can be no other way; you aren't going to suddenly become the life of the party ... even though you could be, as you are charming enough to command a crowd. Still in all, on November 4, 2023, the idea of being around people makes you want to crawl into a hole in the wall. What's cool about you, Libra, is that you could turn a hole in the wall into a mind palace that acts like an ever-flowing fount of creative energy.

You don't just need to be alone during Mercury opposite Uranus. It's a requirement for the sake of your mental health. People drain you, and while this is common knowledge, you're the only one you know who admits that the only cure for people is alone time. That, you can swing. November 4, 2023, has you doing what comes most naturally to you, Libra: being alone, spending time on your own and doing your thing your way — as it should be.

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