3 Zodiac Signs Need A Break From Love On October 26, 2023

What you need right now is space ... and some loving kindness.

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While nobody plans on needing a break from love, we can all agree that if we were asked whether or not we want one, when NOT in the presence of our romantic partner, we'd all say "yes."

Or maybe even ... "Yes, please." It's only human to want a break from love and the one thing that becomes very clear about wanting this break is that we are simultaneously recognizing the good fortune of actually having someone in our lives to want that break from.




Yes, twisted, I know. However, on October 26, 2023, we have one of those transits that will have us desiring a little time off. We're looking at Moon sextile Pluto, and whenever this transit comes around, three zodiac signs get it into their heads that maybe a little time off wouldn't be so bad, after all. Hmmm.


This 'break from love' that we speak of — this isn't forever. This isn't about breaking up, but it is about demanding boundaries and setting borders. We're only human and that really does mean we need our space at times. Love is love and that's all well and good, but during Moon sextile Pluto, three zodiac signs will recognize within themselves the need to make a break from love into a reality.

Three zodiac signs who need a break from love on October 26, 2023:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You've always wanted your own space within any relationship you've ever had, be it romantic or platonic. You are simply someone who needs things to be scheduled and timed rather than full-time occupations. In romance, you're just not the 24-7 lover and you let your person know this in advance. Still, you are also stunned at how nobody really listens when you speak this truth. You figure if you tell them right at the top that you're someone who needs breaks, they'd get the hint. But ... no.

It's OK. If they can't get with your program, then they'll have to figure out what to do with themselves because it's not your responsibility to teach them any more about yourself. On October 26, 2023, you will feel a very distinct need to be on your own and you will do what your heart tells you to do. You need a break, so why shouldn't you have one? It's your life, isn't it?


During the transit of Moon sextile Pluto, you'll try to share the joys of what it's like to desire a break and get one with the person you love. You'll encourage them to seek their own time off, as you truly do believe this is good for a person's health. You need a break from love in the same way as you need a good night's sleep. It's healthy and it's what makes you feel stronger the next day. It's not a terrible choice when you think about it.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

While Moon sextile Pluto rules the skies, you, too, feel somewhat like a ruler ... and the world you rule is your own. You are very grateful to be in a romantic relationship, especially one where the understanding seems to be always in sync. So when you tell your mate that you need a little space just to breathe, you'll find that they are just fine with that idea. It's October 26, 2023 and you've built a fine and sturdy relationship with someone you can trust.


Trust is at the heart of it all on this day, as you really aren't here to do much more than grab a little 'me time' just to check in with yourself and your environment. It's nice that you can do this, as you feel this is your right as a human being. You know other partners who can't understand this kind of thinking, and that is, of course, why they are now 'ex's.' You need love and understanding, and that is what your present partner gives you.

You know that you'll be back when you're ready, and your partner puts no pressure on you to snap back and tend to them at their whim. The two of you are perfect together and transits like Moon sextile Pluto really bring out the idea that this is quite the gift. You've found someone who doesn't freak out over the idea of you needing a break in love ... wow, now that person's a keeper.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)


You need a break from love because the truth is love isn't the only thing you need to take care of at this point in your life. You have about a zillion things and events that require your undivided attention and what you'd really appreciate more than anything right now is the patience and understanding of a romantic partner who accepts that you need this break. You've tried this before with them and they've gone nuts, and just the idea of them flipping out again makes you want to run and hide.

What you need right now is space ... and some loving kindness. You can't deal with your partner's selfishness and possessiveness. During the transit of Moon sextile Pluto, you're going to see just how opposed they can be when it comes to you wanting this simple request. All you want is some time off. You don't want a war, and you don't want the destruction of the planet ... you just want a break from love so that you can concentrate on the ten million other things you need to do.

Is that too much to ask? On October 26, 2023, it is, but then again, you're asking, not doing. You need to simply do what you need to do without waiting around for permission. You are strong and capable of handling yourself. Now, take advantage of the Moon sextile Pluto, and make the change for yourself. You aren't asking for the world, only for a small break from love. It's OK, Aquarius. It's OK.


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