Why 3 Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Trust No One On October 20, 2023

Friday teaches us that, right now, we can only trust ourselves.

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On October 20, 2023, Moon sextile Mars will rule the roost, as they say. What will take place is that the three zodiac signs here will feel something very special happening to us: we know the truth. We see our future and know what will make us happy, making us aware of what's happening. There's something ... wrong, and we're about to call it out.

We don't start the day distrusting people. October 20 begins on a high note. We feel good about our life's direction and want to be a part of that positive momentum. However, during the day, thanks to the very insightful transit of Moon sextile Mars, we will see that not everyone in our lives is supportive of our momentum.




On this day we call people out. We may not trust people who only yesterday seemed trustworthy. We may be right about these intuitive hits. Right now, if we are to progress, we may have to go along with what our gut tells us. We trust no one. Moon sextile Mars gives us the power to advance without relying on others.


Here's why these three zodiac signs are likely to trust no one on October 20, 2023:

1. Aries 

A part of you would love to know that everything in the world is safe and sound and that everything will work out according to plan in the long run. You are, by nature, a very optimistic person, Aries, and you'd like nothing more than to trust everyone around you. However, you are also very intelligent. This heightened awareness lets you know you'd be a fool to trust everyone.

During the transit of Moon sextile Mars, you will be especially on guard. You've been burned before, and still, you've returned for more. You can admit to naïveté, but something about October 20, 2023, won't let you buy into everyone's story. You don't trust anyone, and that's not to say you won't trust again ... but you'd rather listen to what your gut says. It tells you to steer clear of trust.

If there's one thing about you, Aries, it's your ability to learn and your personal history with trust has taught you that it's best to question first, then build trust. With the astrological transit of Moon sextile Mars supporting you, you will know that you're making the right move. Nothing changes, and nobody gets hurt; you are merely protecting yourself, which is admirable. All is well in your world, Aries.

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2. Taurus 

When you give yourself over to believing in a person, you go all the way, as you are someone who believes that life is only worth living if you put yourself 'out there.' You've done this many times and been burned by people many times ... perhaps that is why this transit, Moon sextile Mars, affects you so deeply on this day, October 20, 2023. Friday is the day you watch yourself. You're not jumping in this time. You are consciously holding back from trusting people because ... you've learned.

While this might not be your default manner, you'll slowly but surely grow accustomed to not trusting and it will work for you. You feel that the whole idea of trusting people is overrated and that the idea of not trusting people has been demonized. How else are you supposed to practice discretion and self-protection? You are starting to march to your drum, Taurus. It feels right. If you don't trust anyone, that's your business.

You have big plans and you wish to reach your goals. You don't need to trust everyone to fully get what you have done. All you know is that everything will fall into place if you can trust yourself. As long as you can keep yourself healthy in mind and body, everything in your world will work out according to your plan. You don't need to trust others to make your life better. That's your job and you know it.

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3. Capricorn 

Life has always been about how you balance the people in it. On October 20, 2023, you'll come up with the idea that the people in your life are not necessarily trustworthy. Does that mean you instantly reject them or leave them? No, not at all. Because during the transit of Moon sextile Mars, you become supremely realistic, Capricorn. You see life for what it is, and trust is one of those things that has become overrated in your life.

Your romantic partner, for instance, do you trust them? More than likely, NOT. Are they doing something that terrible? No, they are not. They are not an ideal person for you, but that doesn't mean you're going to extremes. You are used to this person, and yes, they can be troublesome ... they may even be a liar, but during Moon sextile Mars, you have your eyes on the long game. Your partner is 'OK.' They may not be gods, but you don't need a good. You need ...' OK.'

You may feel that your lack of distrust for your partner shows that you are weak, but you know better than that. Moon sextile Mars lets you know that it is even stronger. You are looking for your number one, Capricorn; everything is stable. Trust is an option that you choose to forfeit. OK, so that's you. You know what you're doing and you don't mind being distrustful. That's your business and nobody else's.


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