The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve On October 19

Today is for telling someone that we love them.

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October 19, 2023 love horoscopes brings us the serendipitous arrival of the Moon sextile Mercury, and for those of us who have had a hard time expressing ourselves and our feelings to the one we love, today may just do the trick in terms of how we get our emotions out and on the table. Relationships improve as a result. 

There's always something in the air around this time of year. It's as if we're in a constant state of anticipation. We feel the holiday season is around the corner and that gives us the idea that we should be with someone, our 'special' someone ... we tend to want to wrap things up around now, meaning this is a good season for making our solid feelings known to the person we love. During Moon sextile Mercury, this becomes easier than ever.




On this day, October 19, 2023, three zodiac signs who have previously hesitated to express themselves where it counts will let it all go, and much to our surprise, it will be one of the better moves we'll make this year. Now is the time to let our partner or date know our intentions, as we are sure to get a warm reception for our efforts.


Love horoscopes show relationship improvement for three zodiac signs on October 19, 2023:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

The interesting thing about you, Gemini, is that you believe yourself to be a great communicator, and yet, you've often held back when the moment called for expression. This is only human, as many things can inhibit a person from speaking up, especially if you are shy, as you can be. During the transit of Moon sextile Mercury, you'll recognize that the atmosphere and the environment feel 'safe' and that, should you wish to let it all out, you'll be well received.

This is where you must strike while the iron is hot, as they say. It's not that your partner or date is about to run out the door if you don't speak up soon, but you must ask yourself what you are waiting for on earth. What are you waiting for, Gemini? The right time? Well, this is it. Today, October 19, 2023, brings you the perfect array of transits, and good fortune is almost guaranteed— time to carpe diem.

What's good for you to know is that even though you may be shy, that doesn't mean you don't know what to say. When it comes to finessing the right words into poetry, you're the person for the job. So, go out there and trust in your ability to communicate. You are 'the great communicator;' you just have to trust that you can do it and that the results will be as good as you want them to be. It can work, and it will work. Trust the universe as it is backing you on this, Gemini.


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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

Moon sextile Mercury taps into your psyche and shows you that whatever you have on your mind, it's worthy of being said ... aloud. This is an inspiring day for you, Cancer, as you may feel supported by the universe during this time, and that's a heckuva lot of support when you think about it. In love and romance, you're in a new place. It's unfamiliar to you, but it sure does feel good. Yet, something is missing: communication.

That's where you come in. On October 19, 2023, you and your partner may have an awkward moment that requires one of you to step up and relieve the pain caused by lack of communication. You will be the one to voice what's going on, and what's going on is that the two of you both simultaneously wish to grow closer together. There are things you want to do with your partner and places you want to go, but it hasn't been until now that you've expressed this. Today is the day it all comes out.


It's very easy to work with a transit such as Moon sextile Mercury, as it is expressly made for you to utilize for easy communication. What's on your mind will be out in the open, and your easy attitude will help unwind your partner's mind.

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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

You know that you've been feeling something tugging at you, but it won't be until today, October 19, 2023, that you can put your finger on it. What's been on your mind is that you feel that there are important things you want to discuss with your romantic partner, and yet, for some reason, you — of all people — haven't been able to get up the nerve to just come right out with it. Perhaps this is because this will set you up as vulnerable, and that scares you.


During the transit of Moon sextile Mercury, you will understand that being vulnerable is part of the romance and that you're not getting the full experience if you're not vulnerable. You must confess your feelings to your romantic partner, who deserves to know your truth. Not to mention that what you say will bring them joy and happiness.

So, on this day, October 19, 2023, during Moon sextile Mercury, you will decide that it's better to lay all your cards out on the table and just tell them what's on your mind. You love this person, and yes, loving them makes you vulnerable ... but what is life about if not to experience this kind of vulnerability? You're not a rock; you're a living, breathing being of love and want it to be known. Good for you, tell it like it is, Scorpio.

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