3 Zodiac Signs Need More Love & Affection On October 12, 2023

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There's a good chance that a few of us will take the idea of being overly sensitive to new and possibly paranoid levels of insecurity today, October 12, 2023. Moreover, we may not be that far off base, meaning we are sensitive for a reason. It's not that we're just lunatics looking for a reason. We are naturally sensitive people, which is a shout-out to three zodiac signs.

During the transit of Moon opposite Neptune, which occurs today, October 12, 2023, those sensitive zodiac signs will feel needy and deprived of love. OK, this may not be something everyone can cater to, but for those of us who are feeling the sensitivity of the day, being 'not' catered to is going to feel more like punishment.


We're taught not to be needy, that it's a turn-off, a sign of weakness, etc. We're taught to love ourselves enough so that when times like this come around, we don't have to look outside ourselves for love and affirmation. But, but, but ... what if we haven't mastered that yet? What if we're not the grand ascended masters we're supposed to be, according to 'someone else's expectations? Chances are, for the three zodiac signs that will feel Moon opposite Neptune the most, we're just not 'that advanced' yet. What the heck?



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So, today, during Moon opposite Neptune, we who are already hyper-sensitive will come to know what it feels like to believe we are unloved and desperately need loving attention and affection. And, should we receive this love and affection, there's an excellent chance that we either won't believe it to be real or it will not be enough to satisfy our desire for more, more, more. Welcome to October 12, 2023. It will be one helluva day for these three sensitive zodiac signs.

These three zodiac signs need more love and affection on October 12, 2023:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

When you decide to see things from the negative side, wow, do you know, go all the way. You're already one of the most sensitive people anyone knows, but on this day, October 12, 2023, during the transit of Moon opposite Neptune, you will prove to be insatiable and you will also end up intimidating those around you, especially those who try to give you what you want.

What do you want? Love and affection, of course, but you've set it up so that even if your most beloved romantic partner decides to indulge you, you won't believe it because, for some reason, you are closed off to accepting real love on this day. It's as if your hypersensitivity has gone off the tracks and is now hellbent on seeing things as if they can bring nothing but disaster. Gemini, this is called DRAMA. Go easy on yourself. If you want love, then accept it into your life. Don't fight it.


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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

Sensitivity is your calling card, Cancer, and during Moon opposite Neptune on October 12, 2023, you'll be playing that card as if you were a pro sitting at a table in Vegas. What you'll be doing today is that instead of just wanting love, you'll be demanding it in ways nobody can live up to. So, you'll set the standard so high that you can never get what you want.

On this day, October 12, 2023, you will tell your romantic partner you are a little needier than usual. You'll decide they aren't doing enough when they come to your aid and try to lavish you affectionately. You are insulting and arrogant today, even though you believe you are in the right. You want love and affection and can't get enough of it simply because 'enough' is something you reject as soon as it hits you.


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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

Because you know yourself as someone who loves to be loved, you also tend to rewrite the story when you aren't feeling as loved as you'd like. This means that on October 12, 2023, you will declare that someone isn't giving you the love you need. Of course, that person is your romantic partner. Even if they try, you will see it as 'forced' on their part.


During the transit of Moon opposite Neptune, you will use this as an opportunity to sulk and become sullen. You have chosen this day to feel sorry for yourself and claim you are unloved. You make your partner feel bad about being unable to come through for you, even though that's all they are trying to do. You continue to cry out for love and affection, and you put in an equal amount of effort in making that impossible for anyone who tries.

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