3 Zodiac Signs Fall In Love With Their Friend On October 8, 2023

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two women in love october 8, 2023

Because Mars square Pluto is such a dominant and powerful transit, some of us may feel a bit dominant and powerful ourselves. If we play our cards right, we may just end up figuring something out about our lives that we can use, as in vital information ... the romantic kind. This is a pushy transit. 

While for some, it's pushy that has us pushing others around, there's an upside to Mars square Pluto: sometimes we push ourselves ... into realizations. Today, October 8, 2023, will be one where three zodiac signs push themselves into self-knowledge that cannot be 'unseen.'

Today is the day that we realize that the love we've been searching for is the love we already have, and we have it in the form of a dear friend who has always been by our side through thick and thin. We may be so close to this person that we block entirely the idea that perhaps this person is the love of our lives.



We are so stuck on labels and compartments and fitting this into that that we can't see the forest for the trees. On October 8, 2023, the transit of Mars square Pluto will open our eyes and show us that 'there's no place like home.'

We are in love with our friend. That may come as a shock initially, but we'll laugh with delight once we see how much sense this makes. Being in love with one's friend makes tons of sense ... they're safe, they've been vetted already, they love us, they make us laugh and they are always loyal ... wait a minute ... this is the RIGHT ONE. We fall in love with our friend and it makes sense. That is how Mars square Pluto changes everything. Get ready to be happy, zodiac signs. Accept the truth and let it flow.

These three zodiac signs fall in love with a friend on October 8, 2023:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

What feeling overcomes you whenever you are with that particular friend? You feel giddy and happy whenever you're in their presence, and all you know is that not only are you compatible with them. You crave more and more of their time. It's as if you just can't get enough of them. You feel you and this friend have gone through a lot together and endured the stresses that come with time.

All you know is that if someone asked you who is most important to you, you'd probably mention this person by name at this point in your life. Your friend. On October 8, 2023, during the transit of Mars square Pluto, your concept of friendship will transform as you come to terms with the reality that you are and have been madly in love with your friend. It's all good, Cancer.

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2. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

Being in love with your friend feels so much better than being in love with a romantic partner, and you don't know why, other than when you are with your friend, there's no stress. So, how did all the stress get put on your romantic relationship? Ideals, maybe. Expectations, etc. During the transit of Mars square Pluto on October 8, 2023, you will see that all these labels are worthless if you aren't happy.

The one person who makes you giddy with happiness is one friend who rises above all the others in your life and remains true to the day. You might not know what to do with this info, as you are usually a 'by the book' kind of person, but the transformative powers of Mars square Pluto have you seeing the truth for the first time. You're in love with your pal. C'est la vie!

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

You'd take the love of a friend over the love of a romantic partner ANY DAY, as that's just how you are. What you didn't see coming your way, however, was that the friend you spend the most time with is someone you have fallen totally in love with. Labels be damned, you just don't care, and that's the power of Mars square Pluto working its way into your personal life. On October 8, 2023, you'll see that you've manifested this in your life.

You always believed that friendships were more important than committed romances, and it looks like this in your reality. Good for you because the transformation you've made is the one that wakes you up and has you wasting no more time on false dreams. The one you love is found in the friend you are already so close to. Nice going, Aquarius!

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