3 Zodiac Signs Regret Telling A Secret On October 5, 2023

Oops, cat's out of the bag!

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October 5, 2023, brings us the Cancer Moon, and if we are at all familiar with this transit, we know that this means high sensitivity and major vulnerability. The Cancer Moon is not playing around when feeling raw and too open. 

This is when we make mistakes and dwell on them as if our lives depended on it. We take things the wrong way and always find ourselves at fault around this time. Finding fault within ourselves is already too easy for these three zodiac signs, so having the Cancer Moon join us today might just push us over the edge.


But ... first, we have to get to that edge and one of the ways we're going to do that is by divulging a secret to a friend. We feel safe around this person, inspired by their trust. We see them as someone who would keep our secret and cherish the idea that we had the guts to share it with them. Whether they keep it to themselves or not will not be the point, however, of how this day hits us because, for the three zodiac signs that will share this private bit of secrecy, the minute we open our mouths to let it out is the minute we instantly regret telling a secret.



So, today boils down to this: we're going to say something that we seriously wish we didn't to someone we trust. That we trust them bears no weight compared to our knee-jerk reaction, meaning ... we can trust them all we want, but it won't stop us from instantly regretting that we shared our secret. with the Cancer Moon on us, it will feel like the biggest mistake we could make. Understand this, though: we can trust this person. They aren't going to betray our trust ... we just won't be able to think they'll do anything BUT betray us on October 5, 2023, during the Cancer Moon.


During the Cancer Moon, it's Gemini, Leo and Pisces who regret telling a secret on October 5, 2023

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

There's a reason why you instantly regret telling a good friend one of your most well-kept secrets and that's because you KNOW what this friend is capable of. Oh sure, you are besties and they've never betrayed your trust before, but you sense that as soon as you let them in on this tidbit of secrecy, the wheels start to turn inside their head and they can now use your secret as leverage.

They will always secretly judge you even if they never turn on you. Even if this is something in your mind, during the Cancer Moon on October 5, 2023, you will not be able to shake the idea that whatever you've just divulged was a total mistake and you regret getting them involved. You might even wonder what you thought when you told them your big secret, as now you are vulnerable and trepidatious.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

After sharing good times and great conversations with a friend, you will feel so at ease around them that you might even let them in on a little secret. You've been carrying around this secret for years and while it's not earth-shattering, it's something you haven't shared with anyone, mainly because you don't want to feel judged by anyone for whatever it was that happened.

On October 5, 2023, you will feel friendly and open with one friend. Because of the Cancer Moon, you'll believe you can grow closer to that person by sharing something you've never told anyone else. This is true, and the person you'll share your secret with will honor and protect it ... but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll believe that — once the cat is out of the proverbial bag.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

Vulnerability is the name of the game with you, as you are someone who doesn't feel the need to live your life in secret. It's not that you need to share everything with everyone, but you don't want to live your life afraid to show others who you are. And, on October 5, 2023, you will see how the Cancer Moon affects your desire to share. You want closeness and friendship. Sometimes, you can make friends by sharing your life's secret and intimate details.

You've seen that friends have appreciated this about you in the past, so you feel safe doing so to the very day. However, the Cancer Moon instills a feeling you may have held back this time. You don't know if you trust this new situation, and if you are going to let someone — perhaps several someones — know about something secret in your life, you more than likely will regret telling them.


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