Relationships Improve For 4 Zodiac Signs Starting August 7

Be in the moment.

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Four zodiac signs see improvements in their relationships this week. There will always be a million things pulling you in different directions or even becoming a distraction from focusing on your romantic relationship. Still, in the week ahead of August 7 –13, 2023, you're being guided to slow down and practice being within the present moment.  

The Last Quarter Moon in Taurus helps you focus on what you must release to enjoy your relationship and life together. Taurus is an earth sign that focuses on being in your body and embracing the passion and joy of imploring all your senses in whatever experience you are in. This energy helps you ground yourself and give yourself and your partner what it is you're most in need of. If the summer and retrograde season has been full of busyness and the unexpected, this is an opportune time to unplug and focus on one another, no matter how small the moment may be.  




Often in relationships, life gets busy, but sometimes feeling like you must do everything or be everything to everyone creates separation and even frustration in your connection. Your romantic relationship should get the best of you, not simply what is left over after you've completed all your other obligations and tasks. The Last Quarter Moon draws you into a soft surrender where you can find the time to focus on what matters most, to help you reconnect, and even to remember why you fell in love with your partner in the first place.  


August 8, 2023, (8-8) also brings the peak of the Lions Gate Portal, a powerful time for new beginnings as Earth, star Sirus, and the constellation Orion align. This is known to usher in new waves of energy, providing a restart or greater clarity in focusing on what is most important, heightening the powers of the Last Quarter Moon. This Lions Gate Portal is unique this year because it also draws on the Leo energy of Venus Retrograde currently happening within this fire sign. Venus Retrograde is a powerful time for reflection and allows the universe to work magic to help you align with what and who truly means to you.  

But, the week of August 7 – 13, 2023, teaches that you don't always need to force or fight to learn where that is. Instead, sometimes, stepping back from the litany of distractions creates space to realize all you require is to be in the present moment to learn all you really need is love — and the time to enjoy it.  

Relationships improve for these four zodiac signs August 7 - 13, 2023:

1. Aquarius  

(January 20 - February 18) 

The week of August 7 – 13, 2023, the cosmic energies are coming together to bring growth and transformation to your romantic connection as the Lions Gate Portal peaks in your sector of relationships. You may find yourself drawn to delve deeper into the emotional aspects of your relationship, seeking a stronger bond and understanding with your partner. This can feel like a few beginnings in many ways as you feel encouraged to focus on all the positives of your relationship and no longer let anything from the past hold you back.  


As an intellectually driven zodiac sign, you often excel at expressing your ideas and thoughts, but sometimes emotions can be more challenging. Remember to open your heart and share your feelings openly and honestly with your partner. Vulnerability can lead to deeper intimacy and trust, fostering a profound emotional connection, which is what you desire. You must remember to create something you've never had before and be willing to approach it differently.  

Suppose there have been unresolved issues or tensions lingering in your relationship. In that case, this week presents an excellent opportunity to address and resolve them, as the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus helps to bring healing to your romantic life. Consider engaging in meaningful conversations that allow you to feel heard and validated.

Avoid letting disagreements escalate into unnecessary conflicts. Strive for a cooperative and understanding approach. This comes down to remembering why you are in this relationship, to begin with, and while no one is perfect, effort and clear communication go a long way in resolving issues and helping to foster an intimate reconnection.  

Love is a dance of balance and compromise. Embrace the changes that come your way with an open heart, and you'll find yourself on a path of profound emotional growth, leading to a stronger, more meaningful connection in your romantic life. 


2. Scorpio  

(October 23 - November 21) 

During the week of August 7 – 13, 2023, the stars are aligning to deepen the emotional connection within your romantic relationship so that you can focus on more of the joy and pleasure within your union. You're known for your intensity and desire for profound intimacy, and during this period, you can take your love life to new depths as you allow your walls to crumble and embrace love with open arms.  

The Last Quarter Moon in Taurus, ruler of your romantic sector, may find yourself drawn to explore the hidden depths of your emotions and those of your partner. Whatever you are holding onto that is preventing you from enjoying and relishing in your connection will come up to be discussed and released. Embrace vulnerability and let your guard down, as this can lead to transformative experiences in your relationship. Share your true self, desires, and fears; knowing this openness can create an unbreakable bond with your partner. 

If you've been holding onto past hurts or grudges, now is the time to release them. Forgiveness and healing are essential for growth, individually and as a couple. Letting go of old baggage will free you to invest fully in the present and future of your relationship. While the Last Quarter Moon focuses on helping you see what is truly beneficial in your connection, it will also make old wounds more apparent. This shouldn't be a deterrent to love but an opportunity to truly bring things to light that you've been wrestling with internally. If you're still holding onto something from the past, you won't be able to improve or embrace love within the present moment.  


Intimacy, both physical and emotional, will be highlighted this week. Allow yourself to be fully present with your partner, focusing on creating meaningful and passionate moments together. Explore each other's desires and connect on a soulful level, igniting the flame of passion within your relationship as you let your emotional connection be expressed through the physical one. Make sure to talk about things before allowing yourself to embrace a greater sense of intimacy, as it will feel more fulfilling and beneficial to your connection.  

Embrace the intensity of your emotions, Scorpio, and let them guide you to a more profound connection with your partner as you take your relationship to an entirely new level. It may not always be comfortable, but the results will always be worth it. Embrace the mysteries of love and its transformative power, and you'll find yourself on a path of deepened passion and emotional fulfillment. 

3. Capricorn  

(December 22 - January 19) 

August 7 –13, 2023, brings an influx of celestial energies to help you strengthen and improve your romantic relationships as the Last Quarter Moon lights up your sector of joy and commitment. Known for your steadfast nature, you can take a more nurturing and sensitive approach to matters of the heart as you focus on what must be done and what feels good.  


Your practicality is an asset, but love also requires emotional openness and vulnerability. This week, allow yourself to be more in touch with your feelings and communicate your emotions honestly with your partner. Showing your vulnerable side can create a deeper connection, fostering trust and understanding.

Sometimes it can be challenging to do this, not because you don't want to, but because it's not normal how your brain or communication style works. Spend time reflecting on the value of your relationship and your feelings for your partner, so you can open up more deeply, whether through a conversation or writing a card or letter.  

If you've been preoccupied with work or other responsibilities, now is the time to dedicate quality time and attention to your relationship. Consider planning a date night or a romantic getaway to rekindle the flame and focus on your affection and commitment together. This is part of this week's energy shift helping you lean back into what feels good. Especially for you, becoming distracted by work or other life duties can take you away from enjoying your romantic connection, so consciously creating time together to nurture your bond is crucial.

During the week of August 7 –13, 2023, you might also reflect on your emotional patterns and how they impact your current relationship. Consider any barriers or fears holding you back from fully embracing love and work on releasing them. When reflecting on past patterns, notice where you are doing things differently than you have or even those that feel similar. Being able to heal and grow means you can identify and self-correct if it feels like the past is repeating itself. Trusting in the power of your truth and vulnerably expressing that will lead to beautiful growth in your romantic life.  


This week encourages you to balance your ambitious nature and your emotional needs. Remember that love and personal connection are essential aspects of a fulfilling life. By nurturing your romantic relationship, you'll find your partner can provide stability and support as you pursue your goals. 

4. Libra  

(September 23 - October 22) 

The cosmos urges you to find harmony and balance in your romantic relationships during the week of August 7 –13, 2023, as the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus activates your sector of intimacy and transformation. As the zodiac sign of the scales, you are naturally inclined to seek equilibrium and fairness in all aspects of life, including heart matters. Still, this week will also require you to embrace the changes in your life.  


Communication will be at the forefront of enhancing your romantic connection. It's essential to express your feelings and desires openly and honestly to your partner, significantly if what you want for your life has changed. It's expected that as you progress through life and your periods of growth you see love change. Instead of keeping things to yourself, hoping it will end up being okay, open up and share your feelings. 

Embrace your gift of compassion and use it to address any issues or concerns that may have arisen recently, especially those that are the product of growth. By maintaining a calm and rational approach, you can navigate difficult conversations gracefully and create a more profound understanding between you and your loved one. 

The North Node has recently shifted into Aries, alongside the South Node into your zodiac sign of Libra, so this is meant to be a period of profound romantic growth and healing for you. It doesn't mean your relationship is over or you're doomed to only experience challenges. Yet, it does come down to whether you are committed to doing things differently. You can support the emotional reconnection you desire by embracing honest conversations about growth and creating moments to enjoy one another's presence.  

Take time to appreciate the beauty of your relationship and the efforts you and your partner invest in each other. Express gratitude for the love and support you share and cherish the special moments you create together. While it's expected each of you will grow during this time, it doesn't necessarily mean you will grow apart. Instead, you can use this as an opportunity to fall in love again with each other. Instead of measuring your partner by who they used to be, focus on who they are now so that love can bloom even more brilliantly.  


If you don't feel clear on what has changed within yourself yet, take time to reflect on your growth. Ask yourself what you want from love or what defines a relationship to you. The more you delve deeper into your process, the more you can bring to the table with your partner. Not every moment this week needs to be one of profound conversations, so find a balance between emotional sharing and focusing on the love that has become so important to you.  

Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach, and motivational speaker. For more of her work, visit her website.