What Your Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On August 7, During Moon Sextile Saturn

Focus on your roots so you may blossom toward the stars.

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Focus on your roots so you may blossom toward the stars. In a season that has you reflecting more than you feel able to move ahead, it's essential to focus on what you want to create for your life. More than just manifesting one thing, this is about you visualizing your life in every feasible way to enhance your vibration of attraction.  



Monday, August 7, 2023, invites you into this space more deeply as the Taurus Moon forms a crossroads with Saturn in Pisces, helping you to understand where you need to focus your attention now so that you may reap the rewards later. The Moon and Saturn help you to become more emotionally focused as you explore the relationships in your life and the foundation you are creating for your future dreams. The Moon in Taurus brings grounding stability to help you understand what you emotionally and spiritually need from your life — as well as help you to understand the presence you have with those around you.  


To manifest one thing in your life, such as financial stability, is to take a small piece of the puzzle. While beneficial, it doesn't mean it entirely holds the power to change your life. Visualizing and focusing on what you want overall or how you want to feel allows you to focus more on what each piece of the puzzle will entail. Lions Gate Portal, which represents the alignment of the Earth, Sirius and the constellation Orion, occurs tomorrow, heightening energies and helping you to gain a higher perspective over what matters you can reflect and tend to today to ensure you become one step closer to manifesting your fate.  


What your zodiac sign can manifest on August 7, 2023: 


(March 21 - April 19)  

How to manifest: Forgiveness 

Saturn in Pisces activates your unconscious sector, reminding you to bring forgiveness to yourself and your life before you can move ahead. Begin by lighting anointing a blue and pink candle with lily of the valley essential oil, then place it on your altar. Repeat your affirmation while the candles burn down, and then take the ashes and wicks and bury them beneath a willow tree.  

Daily affirmation: I forgive myself and others for starting over.  


(April 20 - May 20) 

How to manifest: Honoring your individuality 


Pisces energy empowers your zone of goals and reputation, making this a valuable time to honor yourself and your authentic nature. Begin by opening your manifestation with a black candle for protection, and then write your name on a bay leaf while repeating the affirmation. Place the leaf next to a picture of yourself, and once the candle has burned out, take the bay leaf and place it in your garden with a rock on top of it.  

Daily affirmation: I am exactly as I am meant to be now.  


(May 21 - June 20) 

How to manifest: Professional recognition 

As Saturn in Pisces encourages focus on your career sector, create a small intention jar you can keep or place on your workspace to attract recognition for all your efforts. A small vial or jar works best for this ritual. Once you have located one, add allspice, cinnamon, sage, dill and almond oil, all bringing financial and career success. Seal the jar with green wax while repeating your affirmation ten times.  


Daily affirmation: I deserve to be recognized professionally for my dedication and effort. 


(June 21 - July 22) 

How to manifest: Following your dreams 

Focus on identifying and following your dreams as Saturn in Pisces activates your sector of luck and new experiences. Begin by collecting three lavender leaves, a white flower and dried rose petals. Then write down four dreams you want to manifest on tissue paper, place them over a cup or bowl and add your herbs. Now, pour boiling water over the herbs and through the tissue paper, repeating your affirmation. Let the tissue paper dry, then bind it with yellow thread, placing it on your altar.  


Daily affirmation: I follow my dreams as I leap of faith into a new chapter.  


(July 23 - August 22) 

How to manifest: Spiritual intimacy 

Saturn in Pisces activates your intimacy and transformation sector, helping you develop a stronger bond with your partner. To work with this energy, light vanilla incense and a red candle. Hold a red rose in the incense smoke above the flame while repeating your affirmation. Let the candle burn out, and then place the flower next to your lover's side of the bed or give it to them.  

Daily affirmation: I am embracing a higher level of connection within my romantic relationship as I strive for spiritual enlightenment.  



(August 23 - September 22) 

How to manifest: Romantic stability 

Pisces energy activates your romantic sector making this a divine time to incorporate more outstanding commitment and stability as Saturn journeys through this water sign. Begin your ritual by lighting a pink candle and then cutting out a heart from red paper, sprinkling a few drops of rose essential oil onto it. Repeat your affirmation as you drip some melted wax onto the heart's center and then fold it together. Bury this beneath basil to encourage growth and stability.  

Daily affirmation: My romantic relationship is a source of stability and growth.  


(September 23 - October 22) 


How to manifest: Mindfulness 

To incorporate mindfulness and peace into your life as Saturn in Pisces activates your well-being sector, focus on intending to embrace the present moment. Begin by creating a circle of white tea lights you can sit within. As you settle into space, slow your breathing and light the candles clockwise. Now, focus on radiating a warm white light from your chakra points which envelops you in the peace of the present moment. While repeating your affirmation, find stillness until the candles have burned out.  

Daily affirmation: I am slowing down and embracing the present moment as I focus on rest and self-care. 


(October 23 - November 21) 


How to manifest: Dedication 

Focus on infusing your life with dedication as you embrace the energy of Saturn in Pisces as it lights up your sector of joy and commitment. Begin by showing off doubts or fears and massaging your body with lemon essential oil for hope. Next, place a small vial of sandalwood oil in your pocket, and find a natural space where you feel at peace. Lay down on the earth and partially put the vial of oil into the soil as you feel the energies of the ground, repeating the affirmation silently.  

Daily affirmation: I am dedicated to creating a life of joy and love.  


(November 22 - December 21) 

How to manifest: Peace 


Saturn in Pisces activates themes of healing and home, so it's an opportune time to manifest greater peace into your life. Begin by anointing a violet candle with lavender essential oil and placing it within a sacred space in your home. Once you light it, encircle it with white salt and lavender as you meditate on the flame, slow your breath and repeat the affirmation until the candle burns down.  

Daily affirmation: I am at peace within myself and with all the choices I have made.  


(December 22 - January 19) 

How to manifest: Acceptance 


Focus on themes of acceptance, such as Saturn in Pisces which highlights themes around communication. It will encourage you to bring closure to situations in your life. Write down your affirmation on paper, and fold it three times toward you, anointing it with vervain essential oil. Now, go outside, sit with your back against a strong tree, like an oak and place your bare feet on the ground. Repeat the affirmation six times, then bury the paper at the tree's base.  

Daily affirmation: I accept things as they are so I might see how to change them in the future.  


(January 20 - February 18) 

How to manifest: Financial stability 


Saturn in Pisces activates your financial sector, helping you attract new income sources. To tap into this power energy, take a green candle and write your name on it, anointing it with olive oil for prosperity. Place it on your altar and arrange seven coins around its base. As you focus on the candle, repeat your affirmation, letting it burn down and then take it and the coins and bury it beneath a basil plant.  

Daily affirmation: I am abundant as I attract new ways for financial success into my life.  


(February 19 - March 20) 

How to manifest: Divine alignment 

Saturn in Pisces activates your sense of self, encouraging you to embrace your higher purpose. Begin your ritual by lighting a violet candle and cutting a lemon in half. Place it around your candle, adding sprigs of lavender on top of the lemons. As you meditate in front of your space, repeat your affirmation and once the candle has burned out, add the lemons and lavender to a glass of water as you embody your intention for greater alignment.  


Daily affirmation: I align with the divine as I trust each step I am guided to take.  

Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach, and motivational speaker. For more of her work, visit her website.