3 Zodiac Signs Put Pride Ahead Of Love On August 6, 2023

Always remember who you are.

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The transit Sun square Jupiter doesn't know about small actions. It deals with big events, large gatherings, huge ideas and swollen egos. It's just another day on planet Earth, but on August 6, 2023, we will see just how far we can go when we 'overdo' it. Today brings out the prideful, the boastful, and the folks who simply won't go unheard. We want things our way, and we honestly believe that we have much to offer, but the one condition is that everyone must listen and do as we tell them to do. Because if they don't, that would reflect on us and show us to be less than we believe we are.




The leaders come out of the woodworks today, and during Sun square Jupiter, we can expect to hear from them as they try to gather us into groups to do their bidding. If we are one of those so-called 'leaders,' we are probably one of three zodiac signs. While this transit can be potent and positive, we, the 'leaders,' may take too many liberties in the name of sound. We may want to be associated with the good in ways that are only egotistical rather than altruistic.


When it comes to love, we will see similar kinds of behaviors. If we are the one who is 'the leader,' then we will demand that our lovers act in certain ways, and we do this under the guise of 'knowing what's best for them.' They will reject our 'offer' and do their business, cutting us quickly. Our pride will be crushed simply because our partners think they know how to live their own lives. We believe we know better. What happens next? Well, that's the play, and we wouldn't want to give it away...

Three zodiac signs put pride ahead of love on August 6:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

Pride and Gemini. You usually keep this to yourself, but you take enormous pride in yourself and when you are doubted — by anyone — you feel offended in almost comical ways. You do not accept criticism in any form. You will defend yourself against it as if you're the Man of La Mancha and defending your impossible dream.

On August 6, 2023, you will experience what the transit of Sun square Jupiter does to your pride in the form of your romantic partner asking you a simple question. Their question implies more than you are ready to admit to, and you take offense to the idea that they are even asking. Do they doubt you so much that they have to ask? What is noticeable today is that you take it all way too seriously. Your pride is in the way of your ability to take it easy.


2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

There is nobody on Earth who wouldn't want to reap the reward of a smiling face directed our way after we've done something nice for them. You have been very generous with your romantic partner, and while you can see that they are pleased, you want to see more than that for some reason. During Sun square Jupiter on August 6, 2023, you will feel as though you are owed something in return by your partner and somewhat displeased with their reaction to your generosity.

You want them to act a certain way, and you feel disgruntled and hurt when they don't — because they are NOT YOU. Your pride stands out like a sore thumb, and if you don't dial it down a notch, you'll end up fighting with the person you've just spent so much time trying to please. Make up your mind, Leo; do you want to fight, or do you want to feel the love?

3. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)


Virgo, your voice will get you today as you remember how you told everyone that you would make great changes in your life and that they need to stand back and watch as you soar to the stars. Well, here you are today, and on this day, August 6, 2023, your partner will mention something about that so-called 'big change' that you had promised to achieve, and being that you haven't done anything about it, yet, you will feel offended and this will rupture your pride.

During the transit of Sun square Jupiter, you may discover that you are much more mouth than action, and you won't want to look at that. Instead, you'll defend yourself, tell your loved one to back off and then you will likely sulk yourself into a bag of potato chips.

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