3 Zodiac Signs Refuse To Change For Love On July 22, During Sun Square South Node

None shall pass.

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What happens when the Sun squares the South Node on July 22? Three zodiac signs refuse to change for love. There is absolutely no denying that the transit we are hosting today is going to keep us insistent on doing things our way. It's July 22, 2023 and we have a very powerful transit in our midst: Sun square the South Node. While this may not be one of the 'famous' transits, it sure does pack a punch when it comes to ego and identity. Today is the day that three zodiac signs cling to what they believe in — about themselves — for dear life. We are not changing for anyone. We are not growing, nor are we shrinking. We are remaining firm and standing tall, and while that may make us look like we are obstinate or stubborn, we just DON'T CARE what you think of us. So there!




In love, this could cause problems. For both parties. During Sun square Node we aren't that keen on doing something 'their' way just to be amicable. Sure, we may love our partners but that doesn't mean we're ready to change for them. Oh hell no. What gives this person the right to think we 'should' change for them, or for love, or for whatever? Clearly, if we've come this far in life we must be doing something right. During Sun square Node, we stick to our guns and we refuse to change. It's not because we're stuck in a rut; it's because we believe we know what's right for us, and who else is living our lives BUT us, hmm?


So, for three zodiac signs, the feeling that comes along with today is, "You change. I'm staying like this. Can you deal with me? Because I'm not changing, so the ball is now in your court ... honey." It may cause trouble or it may just let the other party know who they are dealing with. As mentioned, this day is about ego and when have we ever seen 'ego' just drop to the side? Never. And it's not going to scootch on over anytime too soon, either.

Three zodiac signs refuest to change for love on July 22:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

When the Sun squares the South Node, you get stubborn. If you've ever heard the expression, "you can't teach on old dog new tricks," you'd know that there's a reason why. In your mind, that reason is because that old dog has figured out what works for them, so things like 'new tricks' are not that appealing. Why bother fixing what isn't broken, right, Aries? In your love life, you've come to trust who you are and looking at the body of your life's work only affirms that you seriously know how to get things done.

It might be cute or loving for your partner to suggest new things for you, but you're still the one living your life, no matter how much you love your partner, and something like 'change' isn't really on your agenda. During Sun square Node, you'll be told that you need to change ... for love ... and the thought of it might even offend you. You are willing to do a lot for this person, but there comes a point where you simply have to reject their suggestion. That comes today, July 22.


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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

What happens when the Sun squares the South Node, and you are a Taurus? You are start to feel like life is becoming, as they used to say, 'a broken record.' If you have to hear the same thing coming from your romantic partner one more time, you think you'll explode. While you love and respect this person, you have your own boundaries and none shall pass when it comes to that rubicon.

Still, your partner approaches you with that loving and tender gaze that shows you that what they are suggesting to you comes from the heart. Nice, nice, but they are not you. During Sun square Node, you'll be hellbent on sticking to your own set of rules and no matter who tries to break you, you won't budge. On July 22, your partner will once again attempt to change you, and the only thing you'll see is that what they do is unnecessary and patronizing. You only wish to be yourself, Gemini. 


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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

The South Node squared by the Sun brings out your stubborn side. Life has shown you that if you can't trust your own intuition, then you're truly lost. And so, your experience has honed you into a finely tuned machine; you are receptive and natural, and you know what's best for you because you are the only living and experiencing your life. In the past, you've let lovers dictate what you do, how you dress, what you think...and as a truth-loving Sagittarius, you've only ended up hating yourself for not paying attention to your own feelings.

Well, on July 22, during Sun square South Node, you will once again notice that your romantic partner is trying to manipulate you into becoming more like them, and that's an equation that just isn't happening, oh no. You are willing to change and grow, but not according to someone else's expectations.


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