3 Zodiac Signs May Regret Telling A Secret To A Friend On July 5, During The Aquarius Moon

Oops, I did it again.

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Three zodiac signs may instantly regret telling their friend a secret on July 5, due to the Aquarius Moon. Here we have a day that fills us with confidence and nerve. We want to share everything we have and feel good about it. July 5 brings us circumstances that enable us to feel good about who we are and the people we share our lives with. Friendships can soar to new heights during this time, all because of the transit known as the Aquarius Moon.


During the Aquarius Moon, we want to take our relationships to the next level, and that also includes the sharing of secrets and the revealing of certain unknown facts about ourselves. Whatever it takes, that's our motto today as we yearn to grow closer with the people we love.

Here's the catch, and you knew there would be one, right? During the Aquarius Moon, while we're yapping our brains out and telling our good buddies about the dastardly deeds we've partaken in, a sudden lightning bolt streak of regret will occur, and we will ask ourselves: What the heck am I thinking? Why, oh, WHY did I just let so and so know what I did in the past? And, should your big secret be less than criminal, the effect is still the same. During the Aquarius Moon on July 5, 2023, we will instantly regret letting a particular secret of ours out. The rest is just ... dread.




Alas, we will keep that dread to ourselves because if we let on to the idea that we regret telling them our secret, they might use it against us. After all, they pick up on the idea that their knowledge makes us vulnerable. Well, that wouldn't be too friendly, would it? Still, friends are people, and people can be dangerous when it comes to our secrets! Which three zodiac signs will share a secret today only to instantly regret the words coming out of their mouths?

Three zodiac signs who may instantly regret telling a friend a secret on July 5:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

In a moment of heated-yet-friendly passion, you will expose something about yourself to a friend, and as soon as the words leave your mouth, you'll instantly regret it. It's not that you don't trust your friend — you do, which is why you decide to tell them your secret, but during the Aquarius Moon, you may realize that you've overdone it when it comes to enthusiasm.


You are very passionate and want to be known as friendly and exciting, but you stretch it too far. On July 5, 2023, you'll tell someone something they shouldn't know. The good part is that they will never 'tell on you,' nor do they ever want to place you in a vulnerable way. The bad part is that you'll never know what they really feel, making you regret ever disclosing your secret in the first place.

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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You're not a person who ever really regrets much of anything, but you do have your boundaries and during a fun moment today, you might end up spilling the beans a little too hard. This means that while you may have a wild past that is filled with amazing experiences, not everyone can handle what you've gone through, and when you share a certain secret with a friend today, you'll see the expression on their face, and you will think, 'uh oh, I blew it, didn't I?'


On July 5, 2023, during the Aquarius Moon, your feelings of being a wild and crazy nutball will suddenly be met with the reality that some people just can't handle the truth. You will tell it like it is, thinking that you're merely bringing entertainment to the picture, and when you see how your friend handles your truth, you'll instantly regret ever telling them a thing. They clearly do not 'get' you.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

The only reason you end up telling someone your secret today is that, once again, you're too naive and trusting, and you get it into your mind that if you share, then it's a good thing ... right? That's what you do. Today, July 5, 2023, brings you into a situation where you feel like being friendly and trusting; you want your pal to know that you feel close enough to them to divulge a major secret, and that secret is most certainly a whopper, too.


You feel this way because you are influenced by the Aquarius Moon, which makes you feel safe with your friend ... but are you? While your friend may very well be trustworthy, what's at stake here is your mind. You will instantly regret telling this person your valued secret simply because from here on in, you'll never know if they will keep it to themselves or not.

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