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Homeless Boy Cries When He Finds Out His Family Finally Got A House To Live In

Photo: TikTok
homeless boy cries seeing new home

A mother named Mallory Ellis recently shared the heartwarming moment she told her children that they had signed a lease for a home after months of being homeless. The mother's TikTok video showed her family standing on a patch of grass before breaking the news.

The mother's "core memory" post shows the moment her children learn they have a home "after months of homelessness."

The video, viewed over four million times, shows the kids nonchalantly standing around until she says, "uh, this is our house!" While the older son asks, "what?" in disbelief, it's the younger son's reaction that's struck a chord in the hearts of many.

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The video showcases her youngest son jumping up and down in pure joy as his father and older brother hug him and provide him comfort as he cries tears of joy after his mom shares the move-in date. He then runs to his mother and wraps his arms around her. Viewers could hear the cries of both shock and excitement. She repeated, “This is our house” and turned the phone so that the viewers could see their beautiful new home. 

When she asks her son if he's overwhelmed, he responds with a definite “yes” as the caption on the video notes that "it was all worth it for this moment."



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Viewers on TikTok had a desire to help the family.

Many commenters asked the mother to create a public Amazon wish list so that they could buy her useful items to make the move-in easier. They even helped her set up her address so that people could buy her housewarming gifts. Comment sections like this one show how kind people can really be.

The mother expressed her gratitude, thanking everyone for their immense love and support and updated her followers by posting pictures and videos of their new home. She even posted a requested house tour in which she walked around the home and showed her new furniture and how everything turned out. 

Photo: TikTok

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The video brings attention to the homelessness crisis in America.

According to air.org, “2.5 million children are now homeless each year in America. This historic high represents one in every 30 children in the United States.”

The mother herself posted an additional video to TikTok about her body's natural fight or flight response after dealing with the effects of homelessness for months on end. 

The extreme unpredictability of homelessness is a traumatic experience for children and families across the globe. I could feel the happiness through the screen upon hearing that the journey was finally over. I could imagine the joy that the entire family had felt, especially the youngest boy in the family. 

I hope that the family succeeds and finds peace and happiness in their new home.

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