3 Zodiac Signs May Refuse To Change For Love On June 26, As Mars Squares Uranus

Love me or leave me, but I'm not changing.

zodiac signs who refuse to change for love

There's a good reason certain zodiac signs might feel stuck in their ways on this day, June 26, 2023, because ... they ARE stuck in their ways. During the transit of Mars square Uranus, we tend to want to stick with our principles as that is what we both identify with and what we believe makes us 'us.'

We are true to ourselves during Mars square Uranus, which means that whatever life experience has caused us to feel so set in our ways today is what we will decide is also right for us. We cannot be sold an idea today or convinced of something we don't believe. We will not suddenly change our ways for anyone, be they friends, foes ... or romantic partners. It's just not happening, and during Mars square Uranus, that goes doubly so.




Remember that Mars is a pushy planet. Its influence on certain zodiac signs can be rough and stubborn. If we have a romantic partner who wants us to change for whatever reasons they have in mind, even if those reasons may lead us to a happier, healthier life, if we're not into it, it's the 'end of discussion.'


We are the immovable object today, and when the transit is as strong as Mars square Uranus, we are all the more stuck in our ways. We believe in OURSELVES, which is a good thing, but it's also the thing that will give us the strength to tell a romantic partner that we're not going to do it 'their' way.

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We refuse to change during Mars square Uranus, and 'that's that.' We don't need this change or find anything in it for ourselves. Maybe our partners are thrilled with the idea of change, but if these three zodiac signs don't see anything too thrilling in these suggestions, our partners will knock on a closed door. Sorry, not interested. Good luck with that.

Three zodiac signs refuse to change for love on June 26:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)


You feel you have all you need in this life, and if something requires change, you'll consider it when the time comes. As of now ... today, June 26, 2023, you are completely content to live your life your way, and because you have a perfect relationship with your romantic partner, you feel you've done a good job.

While Mars square Uranus is here, you won't be bothered by the idea of change as you don't believe anything in your life needs to be changed. You are one of those people who believe in the cliche, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.' because nothing seems to be broken, you aren't keen on fixing something that doesn't exist ... in your head. However, your partner sees something that needs fixing, and while they are entitled to their own opinion, and you respect them for it, it's just not something you're about to get into.

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)


June 26, 2023, brings you mixed feelings as you can't help but feel excited over the idea of what you can do and a little brought down over how your romantic partner insists that you change something ... for them. During the transit of Mars square Uranus, you feel misunderstood.

Why does your partner want you to change for them, and didn't they fall in love with you because you are the way you are, which, in your opinion, is pretty dang fantastic? (You are totally fantastic, Leo.) What you have going for yourself during Mars square Uranus is the ability to say no to change, especially if you don't agree with what is being asked of you. You might be open to change any other day, but if you believe in something, you're not changing it for anyone. Ever.

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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)


While you may be known as the most gracious and polite zodiac sign, you have your limits, and on June 26, 2023, you will let someone in your life know you aren't taking the bait. You are great with compromise and will show a romantic partner that you are always open to their ideas and suggestions, but that doesn't and never did mean you would listen to them.

You have always lived your life 'your way,' and that will never stop. Change is welcome if it is worthy, and during Mars square Uranus, it's not in your interest. When you aren't interested in something, you may 'polite' your way through it so that the other person thinks they're getting through to you, but in the long run, you'll do whatever you want. You don't change unless YOU want to change, and that's that.

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