3 Zodiac Signs Crave The Single Life On June 17, 2023

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zodiac signs crave single life on june 17

Let's get something straight, right off the top; June 17, 2023, is not exactly the kind of day when the idea of a committed romance is what we want to focus on. In fact, during the transit of Moon sextile Mars, being in a long-term relationship with anyone seems more of an annoyance than it does a 'dream come true.' This day may have us feeling that feeling of 'the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.'

So if we are in a relationship right now, we may be hungering for the single life, as that is the life of freedom, according to the fantasy we've created in our minds. We want what we don't have during Moon sextile Mars. For those of us in committed relationships, we want the polar opposite of that experience, as in total freedom and the ability to be single.



This calling will come out of nowhere for three zodiac signs, but it will chomp down on our psyches as if it were a pitfall with a mission. Whatever got us to this place is part of the story that has made us want to be single and free. The kicker here is that Moon sextile Mars is also a trickster. It only makes us think we want a single life. It doesn't necessarily push us into having one. We live in a fantasy world today, and if we are one of the three zodiac signs mentioned, we may even sell ourselves the idea that it's better to be single than it is to be partnered.

The upside is that we won't be starting any romantic wars today, meaning, yes, we drool over being single, but we're not all that sold on ruining the relationships we've put all this time into creating. So, we're safe. While Moon-sextile Mars is not always the epitome of safety and security, its moves on us today will only get us thinking, not doing. These three zodiac signs will feel it most intensely.

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Three zodiac signs want to be single on June 17, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

Everything is on your nerves. Today, Aries makes you feel you have the right to be pushy and demanding. During this period, you'll start to nitpick at the things in your life, mainly how your love life has turned out. While it may be thriving and doing well, you won't be able to see the good in it, or anything for that matter, on this day, June 17. that is because, during the transit of Moon sextile Mars, you will be 'this close' to giving it all up and trashing what you've worked so hard to achieve.

Your partner is on your nerves, and you aren't sure you want to keep on going with this thing, even though you're quite convinced that you may snap back tomorrow. As of today, all you can think about is how much better life would be if you were only single. This whole 'commitment' thing really gets on your nerves, sometimes. Like ... today.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

There are times when you really have no idea why you got into the relationship you're presently in or why it had to come with all the bells and whistles accompanying a true 'committed' love affair. Why, you will ask yourself again and again on this day, June 17. You're just not feeling it anymore, and the further along you go, the worse your craving for the single life gets.

You just want to be single, Cancer, and during Moon sextile Mars, you might get it into your head that this is your fate. Still, you won't make any moves to get out of your partnership as you fear the great unknown 'out there.' So, fear will keep you locked into your fantasy of the single life being the answer to all your questions. That grass truly is greener in your head, isn't it, Cancer?

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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

You are about to take the coward's way out of this today, Libra. That means that, because of a misunderstanding in your romantic relationship, you will hit that person with the idea that you 'never wanted to be anything other than single,' and you will use this excuse against them.

During Moon sextile Mars on June 17, your manipulative side will come out, and you'll try to guilt your partner into thinking that what they wanted — a committed relationship with you — isn't what you wanted even though you signed on for it and went with it until it became inconvenient for you. On this day, you will refer to your old ways and be passive-aggressively dropping hints to your partner that suggest you'd rather be single than in a partnership with them.

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