3 Specific Zodiac Signs Will Feel Safe In Their Relationship Thanks To The June 14 Love Horoscopes

They feel safe and fulfilled in their love.

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On June 14 three lucky lovers of the world the very thing they want and need the most to thrive: love, sweet love. Today when affection is given freely, we feel capable when we receive this beautiful gift.

It's not as though we are incapable of progress when deprived of this affection. Still, we will notice that on June 14, during the transit of Moon square Venus, receiving love and affection is much better for us than waiting around for it and not getting it. It seems obvious enough.


Today is a day that brings moody behavior, too, so for three specific zodiac signs, we may see that we need to be coddled a bit to get ourselves to a place where we feel secure. Some may interpret that as needy or baby-ish, but the truth is that human beings are imperfect creatures. 



Occasionally, we get needy and act like immature babies desperate for attention and the love of someone who will care for us. This is Moon square Venus in a nutshell. It brings out a need to be loved; fortunately, that need is satisfied on this day, too. Three zodiac signs will see this kind of need within themselves and won't deny it. We don't see our need as 'negative' today; we simply see it as 'need.'


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The upside is that this kind of need is attractive to the people who DO love us, and they will show up for us, even if we come off as children who want to be indulged. Ah, it takes all kinds to make up a human race, and thankfully, June 14, brings us a day when we can feel safe asking for that love. Which zodiac sign will have a lucky day in love during Moon square Venus?

Three zodiac signs have the luckiest love horoscopes on June 14:

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

Neediness is your way of life, even though you aren't proud of it. You can't help but feel needy for love, and when your romantic partner acts particularly cold or disinterested, you take it personally, which is not what they want you to do because it's not a personal affront. They're just in their head. However, during Moon square Venus, you will seek the love of your partner, and you will get instant gratification because this transit is a provider of love, especially to those who need it most.


There will be no time to feel sorry for yourself or to work the fantasy into a place where you feel completely unloved and ignored ... because none of that is happening today. Fortunately, you'll allow the good stuff to come your way, as sometimes you fight it. Today brings you everything you want, so you better be there, too. If love is the answer to your question, then open your mouth and start asking.

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

You can't live without love. Fortunately, you have a partner who can deliver it famously. As for today, because you are somewhat spoiled by love, you may want more attention than on any other day. It's June 14, which sounds like a good enough time for you to feel like something's missing ... which it is not.


During Moon square Venus, you'll feel very desirous of attention; almost to the point of annoyance, but your partner won't be annoyed by your insistent ways. They are, in fact, the person who loves to please you, and when you 'get like this,' they know how to treat you. You will be loved and adored on this day. Your wish for intense love and affection will come true. It's a good day in love.

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3. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

What you might want to do today is try your hardest to avoid sinking into a pit of depression over things that do not exist. You are loved, so you don't have to throw a fit over not being loved. Because you tend to be passive-aggressive, on June 14, you might act in a way that completely contradicts the truth of your romantic situation.


The 'truth' is that you are safe, loved and in the right relationship. However, during Moon square Venus, you may want to pretend you are unloved to sulk and have your way. Even if you know that you're faking it, this kind of self-indulgence feels good to you.

In the end, you'll be hugged, embraced, and loved to pieces ... and you know it will work out this way. It took Moon square Venus to bring this out in you, and however you got here, the results seem to work out for you. You'll feel loved and catered to on this day, Virgo.

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