3 Zodiac Signs Reject Love On June 2 During Venus Trine Neptune

No thanks. I'm good.

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Venus, the planet representing love and beauty, is about to trine with Neptune, the planet of dreams, nightmares, and mystery. Many of us will have a rather odd reaction when they come together as they will on this day, June 2, 2023. 

We will be rejecting love. Not because love is bad but because we hold it so high that we don't want it ruined by making a wrong move. During Venus trine Neptune, we 'hold out.' We may be idealists during this transit, but that won't change anything. We don't want to waste our time on love that isn't ... perfect as it is in our dreams. Neptune's energy ensures we dream big, and anything that falls short of the dream gets shown the door.




That is how we reject love during Venus trine Neptune. We may be perfectionists or don't want our hearts broken. Our reaction to Venus trine Neptune isn't so much about self-protection as it is about not wanting to be bothered with anything less than the gold standard. For that standard, three zodiac signs are willing to wait it out patiently and with purpose. If someone loves us and we aren't feeling it, then that's how the cookie crumbles. We will reject them; no biggie. It's a done deal.


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Rejecting love isn't as bad as it sounds. There's a purpose here: staying true to ourselves. We're not rejecting love because we are coldhearted beasts who cannot love; no. We reject love because we are in tune with our hearts. We know what we want and don't want, and if we need to reject love, we do so, knowing that this is the only logical choice. Which zodiac signs will boldly reject love on this day, during Venus trine Neptune?

Three zodiac signs reject love on June 2, 2023:

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

You have your standards, and you aren't up for compromising them, especially during the transit of Venus trine Neptune, which seems almost tailor-made for you and your feelings. Of course, you want love in your life, but you've also seen some pretty shoddy love affairs in your time. And honestly, you're not about wasting more time with someone who may love you to pieces. However, if you don't love them back, then it's 'bye-bye.'


On June 2, you'll have this chance again to reject someone who loves you, and because you do love yourself, you won't waste your time or theirs. You gain nothing by keeping them hanging on, so you set them free. Now, it's up to them whether they stop loving you or not. Still, it's their problem, not yours, Virgo.

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2. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

You are an idealist, Aquarius, and your particular ideal has nothing to do with the person trying to convince you that they are the one for you. They are clearly NOT the one for you, yet only you seem to see it that way. So, on June 2, you will reject the love presented to you. It's not as if you're trying to hurt someone who loves and adores you.


It's that, during the transit of Venus trine Neptune, you are very clear about your feelings, which are the ones that way. NO WAY, BABY. No, just no. You won't get involved with someone because they want to be involved with you. Your life goes by your rules, which tell you to reject the one who begs for you because this will not work out, and you know it.

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3 . Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

You feel you've given someone in your life the wrong impression because now they've turned your friendship into this pursuit of love and passion, which is not what you want from them. You will have to let them down slowly as they are. They are apparently a compassionate person who may be prone to hysterics, but the truth is, you don't want to have to babysit this toddler. You will reject their love ... politely. Then, you will hope for the best.


On June 2, the transit of Venus trine Neptune will add to your strength, Pisces, and you will be able to handle the situation well. However, there is no turning back here. You must make it clear to this person that while it 'feels' like a rejection, you have your reasons, and now that you've spoken your mind, there is no further need for future pursuits. It's done. Let them know it.

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