Heartache Heals On April 4, 2023 For These 3 Zodiac Signs, During The Moon In Libra

Sadness only lasts for a season.


On April 4, 2023, we will experience the transit known as the Libra Moon. Since Libra is associated with the desire for harmony and balance, many of us most affected by this transit will want to restore the grace and balance that we may feel we've lost due to a breakup, or an unfortunate circumstance. We are tired of being slaves to our emotions, and even though we know full well how much we've sacrificed to drama, heartache and misery, we are finally ready to 'person-up' and heal our lives.


For certain signs, this release from the drama of heartbreak may come in the form of a conversation with 'said' enemy or heartache-causer. Maybe that's all it takes; one dreaded conversation that ends up with everyone feeling better about everything. We push away the idea of ever talking to the person who hurt us, and yet, our true freedom may get a positive push if we complete things verbally. The heartache that comes to an end today comes as a result of one such conversation, and while it's not one we look forward to, it may be that which sets us free.



There's one thing for sure, with the Libra Moon ruling our day, we are sure to be overly sensitive to disharmony, and when we feel it within our own bodies, we want to do something about it. Today may bring about realistic action; we will pursue peace and harmony within our minds, and we will consciously make the moves to reduce our heartache so that it may eventually end once and for all.


Three zodiac signs whose heartache heals during the Moon in Libra, April 4, 2023:

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

On this day, April 4, 2023, you will come to terms with a truth that you've held on to and yet haven't wanted to admit, which is that you have a very hard time letting go. This includes romantic relationships along with their heartbreaking demise. You know this about yourself, and yet, you don't do much about it, which means you allow the pain of heartache to stay with you for a much longer time than it will ever need. During the transit of the Libra Moon, you'll find that you are just now coming to the understanding that if you are ever to get past it, then it's all riding on your own shoulders. During the Libra Moon, you will feel less of a need to clamp down on the memories and more of a desire to be free; you rarely crave freedom as it scares you on some deep level, but you can no longer go on at this rate, hanging on to your heartache as if it's doing you any good. It isn't, and on April 4, you will know it and act on it.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)


You haven't felt 'wonderful' in what feels like ages, and you know that it's because you are still feeling incomplete as a result of a breakup that left you devastated. What has also caused so much of this incompletion is the fact that you both left off with much uncertainty, as if it's unclear whether you are really broken up or if this is just a test period. In your heart, you know that you do not want to 'get back together' but that open door is like a wound that just won't heal, and you need it closed up if you are ever to feel at peace again. Today brings the conversation that seals the deal, once and for all, and while it will definitely bring the completion and end of the relationship, it will finally grant you the freedom from the heartache that you've so desperately needed.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

If you don't knock out this heartache, then you might as well have no life to live because enough is enough, Pisces. You have given way too much of your precious time to the cause of upholding your pain and misery, and not even you can stand another minute of it. You also know that your release from pain comes in the form of a phone call that must be made, and that has kept you in a state of dread for way too long. On April 4, 2023, during the Libra Moon transit, you'll come to your senses, get on the phone, and do what must be done. It's as if this other person has held something over your head and you need to remove it once and for all. You know that you can never be happy until you have your say, so, use today's superpower energy to rid yourself of the heartache that persists. This one's on you; fight for your life, your freedom, Pisces. Get rid of the trash!


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