3 Zodiac Signs Fall In Love With A Friend During The Moon In Gemini On March 25, 2023

The best friend you knew you needed may become your next lover.

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During the Moon in Gemini, we tend to find comfort in friendships because this transit reveals what we have in common with them. Gemini is the sign of 'the twins', essentially representing commonalities between people. When we are under the influence of a Gemini transit, we can appreciate our friends more than ever. While Gemini is always associated with communication and speed, it's also the zodiac that rules friendship and love. During the Gemini Moon, we feel very close to our friends, so much so that on March 25, 2023, we might even find that we could fall in love with one of those friends.


We tend to dismiss the idea of falling in love with a friend because we always associate falling in love with the intimacy and the kind of bonding that leads to building a family together. We discount the idea that friendships can be just as romantic and that, in some cases, many people feel better with their friends than with their lovers. For certain signs, friendships rule, and if the friendship is strong and imaginative, as many are, then all the romance in the world happens under the umbrella of 'friendship.'



This isn't exactly limited; we can take those friendships and make them into romantic relationships if we choose, which will happen on March 25. During the Moon in Gemini, certain signs of the Zodiac will be very honest with themselves about their feelings towards their friends. Some of us might be able to admit that we are, indeed, in love with them. There's something so special about being in love with a friend...especially when the love is reciprocated. Welcome the Moon in Gemini, as it promises a beautiful and loving experience.


3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall in Love with Their Friend During the Moon in Gemini on March 25, 2023:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Falling in love with a friend has happened to you. It may not have worked out because that friend might not have taken it the right way, meaning they may have thought you wanted to become lovers with them when all you really wanted from them was to trust in the relationship and grow with them as friends. Once again, during the Gemini Moon, you'll recognize that old feeling stirring up in you once again, but now, you have knowledge on your side; you won't make them feel uncomfortable, but you will tell them your heartfelt feelings. What makes it all work out is that they are someone who wants you to express your honesty, and they would never want you to withhold your true feelings. You are in love with your friend, and as far as they are concerned, this only means that you can now live happily ever after.

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)


As long as the feeling is mutual, you and a friend will discover that you are both in love. You've never been one to follow the rules, and if falling in love means being restricted to one kind of person and one alone, then you don't consider yourself to be even slightly 'normal.' You find romance in sharing ideas with this friend, and over the years, you've built such extraordinary trust in them that, even if you aren't romantic lovers, the love you share is palpable and rock solid. During the Gemini Moon on March 25, 2023, you will smile at this person, and you will know that not only are they someone you love, but that you are in love with them. They do the trick for you, much better than a standard boyfriend or girlfriend would; this is your soulmate, and you are madly in love with this friend.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

Labels are the last thing you associate yourself with, and you have never had a problem with the idea of falling in love with a friend, especially after you and this friend have shared so much together. In fact, because you are an Aquarius, things like 'romantic relationships' seem oppressive to you if they have to fit into the tiny boxes that society has laid out for everyone to squish into. You know who you love and are in love with, and during the Gemini Moon, you'll have no problem letting your friend know that you have chosen them as your romantic buddy. Intimacy be damned; it's not your focus! You are interested in the kind of friendship that allows for imagination, love and wildness, and you find this kind of incredible freedom in the love of a friend, not a lover.


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