The Tiny, Beautiful Things All The Best Friends Do To Show Their Devotion

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three laughing friends riding in a car

Is is said that actions speak louder than words. When a loved one does something, no matter how small, it feels so good.

But what about friendships?

Like all relationships, friendships also need to be nurtured and estrangement from friends can be truly heartbreaking.

Love, care and attention are key to growing friendships, just to name a few. While some may say that friendships are easy, realistically, they are just as complex as any type of relationship.

But, having that feeling of knowing that someone cares is what matters. The feeling of having a friend do something for you — even when it's not something you asked for — makes all the difference.

This does not have to be a major gesture. No 21st birthday party in Vegas, or tickets to backpack across Europe. It could be something simple like an autumn leaf that reminded you of the bond you share.

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Here are some tiny, beautiful things that closest friends can do for you to show their love.

1. Being there for you when it matters most.

One of the greatest things a person can do for another is be present. Whether in the good or bad times.

If your friend is someone you can call at 3:00 in the morning to rant about your latest fight with your boyfriend or discuss the most recent episode of a Netflix series, that's love.

Remember, that they are making a choice to take time out of their busy schedules to listen to something affecting someone they care about.

2. Doing small tokens of appreciation.

If you have a friend who brings you chicken soup when you're sick or holds your hand when you get your first tattoo, they truly love you. The big gestures are all there.

But, the little things really matter. So, look back and see which of your friends were there for you when you needed them the most. Those are the ones that will always be with you.

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3. Empowering you constantly.

Your friends are supposed to build you up. Friends encourage us to  avoid the wrong decisions, and help us to make the right ones. If you have a friend who empowers you to try new things and helps you see that you are meant for greater things, then that's a true friend's love.

Yes, sometimes it may lead to fights because the path you take may not be to their liking. But, a true friend will support you through each of the seasons of life.

4. Showing up with dinner on tough days.

Let's say you have a lunch planned with your friend, but their boss is running them through the wringer, or they've been in a funk recently; show up for them.

Swing by after work with dinner, no questions asked. Just come through the door with their favorite take out, set up the table, and break bread with your friend.

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5. Sending things that remind you of them.

Does your friend have a dog that they treat like a son? Why not buy their puppy a nice Halloween costume?

Are they building a gallery wall in their living room? Buy a painting that goes well with their style. The 'just because' gifts are the ones that make hearts melt like butter. 

6. Giving up the last slice of pizza or the last wanton.

Sometimes, offer them the last wanton or the last slice of pizza. This shows that you are willing to let go of things for them.

The best way to show your friends that you love them is to say it. So, at your next get-together, tell them how you feel. Tell him how much they mean to you, how they make a change in your life, and how you look forward to all the things you do together.

If you are not into openly expressing your feelings, then sit down with them on a quiet evening and tell them how you feel. Be as heartfelt as possible, and hear the original words straight from someone. There are multiple ways to show your love for them and be creative with your message. 

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Sidhharrth S Kumaar is the founder of NumroVani. He is a registered pharmacist-turned-Astro-Numerologist.