3 Zodiac Signs Who Trust No One During Mercury Conjunct Neptune On March 16, 2023

Trust issues here.

zodiac signs with trust issues march 16, 2023

Three zodiac signs trust no one during Mercury conjunct Neptune on March 16, 2023. There's an old saying that goes, "A paranoiac is someone who really knows what's going on." While, of course, this is untrue, it taps into the idea that because we think something is true, we act as if it is true, and that determines our next move. The reason we speak of this right now, in relation to today, March 16, 2023, is because during today's transit of Mercury conjunct Neptune, we will make all judgments according to what we feel is the absolute truth, and that truth is developed in our minds.


During Mercury conjunct Neptune, we are exceptionally imaginative, and while we may be right about our perceptions, we may also be wrong, but one thing stands clear: we will follow our minds wherever they take us, and on this day, March 16, we will come to one conclusion: Trust no one. It's almost like the will of a fortune cookie: "Love all, trust none." This is a 'heady' transit, and it will play on the negative corners of our mind, which means if we had even the smallest shred of distrust in us, today will make that into a living, breathing thing.



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While Mercury conjunct Neptune doesn't 'get inside' of just anyone, those who will be affected by its influence will go back over their life experience and relive and rehash all the times they've been done wrong. Today is the day we feel that if we are to survive and self-protect, we had best keep to ourselves and trust as few people as possible. We aren't brazen or insulting about it; we keep this one to ourselves.

Three zodiac signs trust no one on March 16, 2023:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

While you are friendly and charming, you always have an eye out for deceit. In fact, on this day, during the transit of Mercury Conjunct Neptune, you feel a little more skeptical than usual. You have no problem moving through the world at your usual pace, and you don't see anything that can stop your progress, but you know yourself, and while this transit has such influence over you, you will be very much in touch with the idea that not only do you not trust anyone, you would be a total fool to put your trust in just about anyone. You know better, and that's how you live. It's not something you readily share with others because you know they'll try to 'save you from yourself' as being someone who doesn't trust others tends to make everyone want to enlighten you. You need no saving, and on this day, you keep your lack of trust to yourself, where it works best for you.

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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

Trust is something that has to be earned in your book, and yet, every time someone has earned it, they blow it, and that, Cancer, is the story of your life. You do just fine without putting your heart, soul and trust into people just people tell you they are trustworthy. During Mercury Conjunct Neptune, you'll come to know that you are entitled to your feelings and that if you so choose to live your life without trusting a single person, then so be it. You are the one who lives your life, and you've come to know that this is the better way for you; you do not need to be so overly invested in someone else's predictability that you lose yourself in the process. You trust no one, and that's just fine with you. Next window, please.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)


The days of you trusting everyone you meet are long gone, as your intuition tells you loud and clear to avoid this kind of naive behavior. You can flow through the world just fine without placing your heart on the line, and while others may call you 'bitter' because of your distrust, you really don't care, because in your mind, you are the one who is living in peace. During Mercury Conjunct Neptune, you will feel even stronger about this stance; you are self-protective, and because this comes natural to you, you don't need to prove to others that you are 'so open to trust.' Forget it, it's just not you, or rather, it's no longer you, as you feel you've been taught the hard way when it comes to trusting people. You don't need to trust to get by in this world; you have other methods and they all work for you, Capricorn.

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