3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Wants Them Back Starting On March 14, 2023

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zodiac signs whose ex wants them back march 14, 2023 horoscopes

Three zodiac signs have an ex who comes back during the March 14, 2023 horoscopes. Ooh, today could be one of those truly weird days, as this is the day when a few of us hear something via a rumor that could potentially throw us off. Word has it that our ex has been talking behind our back, and through the communications of common friends, some of us may find out that our ex has been speaking about trying to get back in our lives. Hmm, they didn't tell us, though. Curiouser and curiouser.

During Moon square Saturn, we're going to find out through another person that our ex wants back in our lives. They have been sharing their private feelings with friends, and those friends are now telling us what's up. We may not want anything to do with these exes of ours, or maybe that's all we want. During Moon square Saturn, the mixed messages will all become clear: our ex wants us back, and yet, they aren't saying this to us on their own.

This implies that they are scared to make the first move or they fear that our response will be negative. And, depending on who we are and what we've experienced with this ex, we may not want to do anything other than flee in terror. This is up to each individual; some people are meant to be together, and in some cases, only one person wants it that way.



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This is the day, March 14, 2023, that someone from the past makes it known to us, through passive-aggressive means, that they want to reunite with us. What's your take, signs? Do you want your ex back in your life?

Three zodiac signs whose ex wants them back on March 14, 2023:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

Your ex wants you back, or so you've heard. You haven't actually heard from the person themselves, but word travels fast and even though it feels more like gossip to you, the idea of getting back with THAT particular ex makes your skin crawl. During Moon square Saturn, you'll be in full defense mode. Saturn energy instills you in a fight of flight attitude when it comes to this ex, and there is no way in the world that you will ever, ever get back with this person. You aren't flattered, in fact, you've moved on with your life, and it's disabling to hear that your ex is still pining over you after all the mess they've made. You have made a life for yourself, and this person represents the awful past, a past you want and need to dismiss yourself from.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

What perplexes you is why on earth your ex would want to come back into your life after you blatantly let them know that you have zero feelings for them. Then again, during Moon square Saturn, you'll come to remember that this person has self-esteem issues and that being treated badly seems to be their thing as if they feel they deserve this kind of 'love.' It's not love and whatever it once was; it certainly morphed into something you want no part of. This ex seems to have the attention of your friends, and they are now relaying messages to you, none of which you want to hear or respond to. You can hardly believe they are still trying, but you know through, and through that, you will not give them the time of day. Let them figure out the reasons why.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Word has it that your ex wants back in your life, and if they don't get back in your life, they will cause a scene that will embarrass you. Right now, they are going around spreading rumors, and those rumors state that you are in contact (which you are not, nor would ever want to be) and that you are heading towards a reunion. Little does this ex of yours know that you are a force of nature when it comes to both defense and offense, and while you don't want to get yourself worked up over this person and their little white lies, you are only too happy to make use of the transit Moon square Saturn, which will help you take this person down once and for all. You are not fond of having your story re-written, and while this ex of yours certainly does try, all they will end up doing is showing what a fool they are.

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