3 Zodiac Signs Who Can't Get A Date During Moon Opposite Venus On March 10, 2023

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Moon opposite Venus. It almost leaves nothing to the imagination, this transit. Anything that opposed Venus sounds like trouble in love, and for three zodiac signs, on this date, March 10, the trouble looks like frustration, loneliness and the goofy realization that we simply cannot get ourselves a dang date. Drats! Foiled again. Thanks a lot, Moon opposite Venus!

OK, OK, it's not a major tragedy, but it certainly is cause for frustration. Transit Moon opposite Venus does not have our back or does it? That's where things change up a bit because there may very well be a good reason why we can't get a date during this time. Perhaps Moon opposite Venus is really our friend, after all, as it may be helping us to avoid something we couldn't foresee happening. Perhaps we are being spared and that is why we can't get a date today. Ah, there are always two sides to any coin.



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And so, for the three signs that can't seem to find someone to either hang out with, dine with, or enjoy a movie with on this day, the feeling may be depressing or relieving. The idea of not being able to get a date could push us into concentrating on something else, perhaps something we need to be focusing on that is not 'romance' related. In other words, today is for opportunity because that is what we will have when we realize that dating is not on the agenda. Think of it this way, signs; this could be a very good day. The glass is indeed half full. Drink up.

These three zodiac signs can't get a date on March 10, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

You hardly think of yourself as someone who 'can't get a date', and so, when you can't get a date today, March 10, 2023, you'll blame it on everything but yourself. And, in a way, you'd be justified, as you really aren't doing much to get in your own way. What is getting in your way, however, is the transit of the Moon opposite Venus, which has decidedly made it difficult for you to move forward on anything today.

What you'll notice is that, as you try to hook up with people, everyone seemingly has 'something else to do.' While that gets on your nerves, you feel like being the bigger person and letting them slide. You don't really need to be with anyone today, anyway, right, Aries? No bruised ego for you today, oh no. In truth, you'll take this time off to work on home-related issues. Who needs dating anyway! Waaa.

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

Before you get to dolled up, know this, you'll be rejected at the gate. And this is not because you aren't loved, adored, worshipped and desired, well, at least that's what you tell yourself on this day, March 10, 2023, during Moon opposite Venus. What's going on with you today in the dating world is that nobody is into going out, and while that seems simple enough, you may take it to heart and think that you are being insulted.

You're not being insulted, Leo. What you are is taking it all the wrong way, and that ends up making you feel rejected. Try to see the doings of Moon opposite Venus as something that brings you opportunity. You have loads of things to do today, and if you can wrap your mind around actually doing them, you won't need to date, as you'll be fine on your own.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

What really bugs you about this day, Sagittarius, is that you never want to go out on dates, and now that you've decided today is a good day to date, nobody's around to feed that need. Argh! How frustrating. It's as if the power of the Moon opposite Venus shows up at just the wrong time. How inconvenient. You've finally come around to seeing that it might be nice to go out every now and then on a romantic pursuit, and now that you're here, on March 10, 2023, there's no one here to help you out.

You feel like you're living in a bubble, but don't let it get to you. In all honesty, this day would make for a perfect Sagittarius 'creativity' day, and while every day is one of those for you, you simply wanted one day off to explore the world of love and romance. OK, maybe tomorrow!

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