The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Loneliness Ends During The Sun Conjunct Pluto On January 19, 2023

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Loneliness Ends During The Sun Conjunct Pluto On January 19, 2023

Three zodiac signs see the end to all their loneliness during the Sun conjunct Pluto transit on January 19, 2023.

Today is not only a good day for ending loneliness, but for finding the one you love. The magic starts when we host one of the most powerful astrological aspects we can have in a synastry — Sun conjunct Pluto.

A synastry chart is basically the comparison of two people's compatibility. On January 19, we're looking at how many single zodiac signs will manifest their true love. This 'streak of good fortune' comes via our good friend, the Sun conjunct Pluto.

We know that Pluto transits can be troublesome, but the Sun conjunct Pluto is just the opposite; in fact, it heightens our senses and lets us see things — like potential partners — in a clear, white light.

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Sun conjunct Pluto strengthens that which already exists. So, if all you keep with you is a neurotic look at love and a feeling of dread every time you start a relationship, then Sun conjunct Pluto will embellish upon that feeling and help you create more of it.



Then again, this transit is not restricted to mayhem; it's the very transit that can lead anyone to gold, especially those of us who are un-partnered. Here's to the single people who are honest with themselves! If you let it, today could be a very lucky day.

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But finding one's true love? Isn't that a little lofty and unrealistic? Well, hell no, it's not. How do you think it happens? Your true love doesn't show up at your door with a note glued to their forehead that says, "Hi, it's me, your true love. Let me in."

But true love DOES show up, and that's the whole point here. During the Sun conjunct Pluto, if you are looking for love and you are dead serious about it, then keep those eyes open today, zodiac signs, because it looks like that 'lonely life' of yours is about to end.

The three zodiac signs who find their true love during the Sun conjunct Pluto on January 19, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

Did you think it couldn't happen to you, Aries? Well, guess again. If you are single and you have been looking for love, but this, that, and the other thing prevented you from either taking it seriously or simply trusting that it could be a good thing, then get out of your way today, Aries, because love is coming to town...and it's here for you.

You've built a tall wall to protect yourself from the 'harms' of loving someone, but as time marches on, you've come to think of this 'armored' lifestyle as the only way you can survive.

You no longer wish to take chances; you see the bad in people before you see the good. That's about to change, and with this change will come a more open heart on your part. Because you feel the strong, transformative vibes of Sun conjunct Pluto, you will break down the gates that separate you from finding the love you want and deserve.

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

You've wondered why your love life isn't 'up to par', and you've 'almost' considered blaming yourself for that, but no such deal here. Because you rarely take responsibility for the things in your life that go wrong, you'll find that today's transit, the Sun conjunct Pluto, seems to be uprooting you from your previous beliefs. Basically, the Sun conjunct Pluto will open a doorway for you to see what you are responsible for and how to change it.

You know you really want a partner, someone to love, someone who will love you for all you are. That you still don't have this is finally something you are willing to consider is partially your fault. During the radical transformation of Sun conjunct Pluto, you will not only be able to come to terms with the idea of personal growth, but you will also open up the door to opportunity, and there you will find your true love.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

As a single person, you've had enough. The single life is just as magnificent as they say it is. Yet, you've never actually heard anyone say that with truth and conviction in their voice. And now it hits you, too: you are no longer content to be single. Good news, Scorpio — Sun conjunct Pluto is smiling down on you today and supporting you in your wish for a partner.

If you can keep your sarcasm and overwhelming distrust to a minimum today, you will find that you are much more attractive 'at peace' than when you're on active defense duty. Today is the day you let that guard down; thanks to the Sun conjunct Pluto's power of change, and in your vulnerable state, you will attract someone very special to you. This person may end up being your true love, and if you've grown tired of being single, well then, this is your opportunity to change that status.

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