The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On January 13, 2023

This day goes down in the books.

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Around this time of the year's first month, people are either progressing along successfully with their new year's resolutions or they are starting to become 'more realistic' about the goals they intend to keep.

Thoughts like, "well, maybe I need to approach this with a more realistic attitude," may come up around the 13th of January, which may also imply passive-aggressive 'quitting.'

Now hang on, when we speak of quitting during an astrology transit such as the Sun sextile Neptune, which arrives for us today, we're not talking about failure, but...reinvention.


Neptune transits don't just let us off the hook; we may have started on the wrong foot or in the wrong direction, but this is the transit that is going to have us understand exactly what our next move is to be and this day, we're going to need the support of our loved ones to help keep us focused.

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While that might be too much for some, it's just part of the plan for the lucky ones today. Today, certain zodiac signs will be able to see how it's OK to change one's mind mid-course because nothing is set in stone, and we have to forge our way around things to know if they are right for us.


Today, we can rely on the patience and support of the person we love. And on this day, we will see just how intense their love and respect for us really is. It may even come as a shock. We are lucky to have such a person as the one we call our partner.

The three zodiac signs who are the luckiest in love on January 13, 2023:

1. Cancer

June 21 - July 22)

You are already so tapped into the intuitive world that you know you need to change your course; you can pat yourself on the back for trying as hard as you have, but luckily, you've stopped before the real madness of what you're trying to achieve kicks in.

This means that, by now, you've figured something out. Being bold and courageous, you know when to back out gracefully, and whatever it is that you've been attempting, it looks less promising than it did pre-2023.


After talking with your romantic partner, you will hear their opinion on what's going on, and it will gel well with Sun sextile Neptune, the transit that inspires new beginnings and the idea of following one's heart.

Your partner will make suggestions for you; some will be pure genius, and some will sound preposterous. But they are with you, changing with you, hoping with you, and most of all, working with you so that you can become the person you truly wish to be.

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2. Scorpio

October 23 - November 21)


What makes you feel so incredibly lucky on this day is that, while presenting a new idea to the one you love, you will notice that they are incredibly compassionate with you. Sometimes, you anticipate a fight with them, as if they are so clueless about what you're going through that they can't help you.

What's happening today during Sun sextile Neptune is that you'll understand something about this person you've dedicated your time and energy to — they love you unconditionally.

They are prepared to step back while you create your change and add whatever they feel could help you.

You are with someone who truly cares for you, and during Sun sextile Neptune, you will see how gentle and concerned they are. They will not get in your way and will support you throughout your journey.


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3. Pisces

February 19 - March 20)

You entered the year like gangbusters, and now your momentum is starting to fade out, which disappoints you because you really like staying the course. Still, you are not someone who is going to ignore the signs, and the signs are telling you that this new endeavor is not your thing.


What makes today feel lucky is that, even though you've talked your partner's head off about all the things this new path is going to bring the both of you, your partner knows as well as you do that not much is going to come of this.

They do not patronize you as you thought they might; instead, you'll be met with helpful words and the idea that no matter what you do, they will stand by your side.

This is Sun sextile Neptune at work in your life, letting you know that you are not limited to one dream per lifetime. The world of dreams is yours, do what you will.

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