The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Make New Friends During The Moon Trine Mercury On January 11, 2023

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Make New Friends During The Moon Trine Mercury On January 11, 2023

Today opens our eyes and taps into our keen sense of perception. Today is the day when we can trust our senses and know that whatever choices we're about to make, they most likely will turn out to be sound ones.

Moon trine Mercury works on our sense of clarity; when we are not bogged down with repetitive thought, we can easily access the intuitive side of ourselves, and it will be in using these skills that we will be able to see if a person is lying to us, or if they are being honest and upfront.

During the Moon trine Mercury, we know who we can trust because we can 'just tell.'

Because we are confident 'mentally' on this day, we can proceed through life with an open heart and a willing mindset. There are friends to be made on a day like today, as Moon trine Mercury prepares the way for honesty, kindness and compatibility.

This is the day when many of us find new friends to engage with, and some of those friends have 'best friend' potential. Nice to know that we can keep on making friends throughout the course of a lifetime, isn't it?

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One of the things that may make us appealing and attractive to new friends is how we give advice on this day. It seems that for certain zodiac signs, that clarity is on a whole new level; we want to guide people, we want to be helpful, and our insight may lift the veil for some potential friends, meaning what we say on this day to a stranger may end up being what changes that stranger's life.



The strangers out there are all potential friends on this day. And we are one of those strangers, ready to make friends.

The three zodiac signs who make new friends during the Moon trine Mercury on January 11, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

Without a doubt, you are one of the friendliest signs of the Zodiac. You've always enjoyed making new friends, as you truly do take an interest in the minds of others. If you find yourself in a social situation today, there is very little doubt that the special attributes that come along with Moon trine Mercury won't help you to find new friends...even if you are not looking.

Being a natural leader, the chances of finding a friend today are great, as your charisma will lure them in...hey, you can't help it, and you know it. It may even give you a chance to flex your mental muscles as you do, like impressing people with your brain power. It's true, you're a smarty-pants — and funny, too! What could be better? Your new friends are about to find out. You've got it all, Aries, and there's nothing like a good new friend to go along with all of that.

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Oddly enough, your polite manner and intelligent phrasing will attract potential friends to you today; you know how to hold a conversation, and this is for sure. Wherever you go today, you will find that the influence of Moon trine Mercury is working for you.

You feel comfortable speaking up, and in doing so, you will attract someone who really enjoys what you're saying...and how you say it. You've seen how people react to you, and sometimes it's a little over the top; people tend to adore and worship you or want to be on the other side of the planet as far from you as possible.

Today brings no such polarity; today, you can be yourself and find a new friend who is equally as down-to-earth and honest as you are. This new person doesn't see you as a god or a devil but merely as someone they'd like to be friends with.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

As a super friendly, warm and welcoming person, you are a magnet for new people to cling to. You can't help but attract those who warm to your sweet-natured ways; all of this is brought to the surface during Moon trine Mercury, and you recognize what you've got, which is akin to star quality in terms of friendship.

For the person who is lucky enough to call you a friend, it's a good day, indeed, and this includes the new friend you may be meeting today. Whatever environment you find yourself in today, Pisces is where you will pick up a straggler; you never gravitate toward the popular people, but you are always open to the underdogs of the crowd.

Glamour doesn't interest you, but a heart of gold will always draw you closer, and on this day, January 11, 2023, you will run into a kindly person with all the attributes you enjoy in a friend. You find it exciting and new, and you can't wait to see this person again.

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