The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Trust No One During Moon Conjunct Saturn On December 26, 2022


The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Trust No One During Moon Conjunct Saturn On December 26, 2022 Stagestock via Canva Pro

One of the odd side effects of having so many people around us, all supposedly having fun and in the holiday spirit, is that without intending to feel this way, we end up wanting to run

We may love our people and we may cherish the time spent with them, but they are family after all, and well, we all know how time spent with family can get: hectic and frustrating. Funny how that works. Here we have the people we trust the most, and yet, if we spend too much time with them, we start second-guessing our feelings for them.


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Today, December 26, 2022, will be one of those days where all we really want to do is get away from family. Yes, yes, yes, we love them; this isn't some kind of revelation that ends up with us wanting to disown our family members, but it is the day when we start to wonder whether these family members are all they say they are.


Can we trust that cousin? Is Uncle Troy as rich as he says he is? And what about mom? What is she hiding? You know she's hiding something, but...what?

This is how the Moon conjunct Saturn plays tricks on our minds. What might pass us by as just a regular old thought now has the chance to blossom into something wild and paranoid; we question the people who are closest to us, and if we allow ourselves too much room to roam, we'll end up finding so many wrong things about the people we are fixated on that we may not be able to see them as normal again.

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And three zodiac signs may not be able to go back on this, meaning, if we open up the can of distrust now, it's open and won't be closing itself up any time too soon.


The three zodiac signs who trust no one during the Moon conjunct Saturn on December 26, 2022:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Right now, you feel as though you need to handle everything. It's not because it's being pushed on you, but because you feel like if you don't take over and make things happen that the actions will be left to people whom you feel are incompetent, and right now, there's zero room for incompetence in your life.

You have plans for this week, and you are using the energy that comes along with the Moon conjunct Saturn to make things go your way.

This is the last week of the year, but that doesn't mean it's time to fall apart and let things slide; oh no! You are here to make sure this last week has every little thing fitting right into place so that the new year can begin smoothly. This isn't personal; this is about getting the job done. You don't trust that anyone can do it as well as you can, so you take on the responsibility, and all is well.


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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

You feel tired as soon as you wake up, and that's just fine because you have the day to rest and recuperate from the going on of the weekend. Whether you're back at work or home with your remote in hand, the pressure on you is nil; you have time to do what you want, wherever you are.

The one thing you don't have time for today, during Moon conjunct Saturn, is other people, their opinions, their way of life, and their nonstop blathering. You've seen how they get, this human race...they're so greedy and grabby, what with their holiday presents and their need to eat, eat, eat.


Ordinarily, you like everybody and accept them as they are, but today makes you feel like they're not to be trusted. You don't exactly like feeling this way, but you'll go with your gut; you'll keep your day together by spending it alone. You won't need to trust anyone, because you won't be spending time with anyone.

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3. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

You don't trust anyone. Still, that hasn't stopped you from living a happy and productive life. Your experience has shown you that trust is a thing that must be earned, and so far, you're still waiting for that one person to earn your trust, as you have not found anyone who could fit that bill.


During Moon conjunct Saturn, which falls on this day, December 26, you'll be so in touch with your natural sense of distrust that you'll feel as though you have a superpower: you are able to whittle out the people who are most untrustworthy so that you can have a decent day.

You don't accept the people in your life that you can't trust, but you do tolerate them. Today will have you tolerating just about everyone you know. Hey, in the long run, only you know what's best for you, so stick to the plan and to thine own self be true!

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