The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Friends Ignore Them During Sun Trine Saturn On October 11, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Friends Ignore Them During Sun Trine Saturn On October 11, 2022

Raise your hand if you've ever been ignored by a friend. Brace yourself because it may happen again on October 11, 2022, especially if you're one of these three zodiac signs.

Whenever we have a transit such as Sun trine Saturn, what we have is a spotlight that shines down on our own stubbornness.

If we are unable to move off of an opinion, then we go down with the ship, so to speak, and it will be during this transit, on October 11, that we'll see just how firm our grasp is and how unshakeable we can be...and what that ends up giving us.

We're looking at a day filled with mixed opinions; for the one who is majorly affected by Sun trine Saturn, we will see that the only correct opinion is the one we have.

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All others are wrong in our books, and we find everyone around us to be foolish and ridiculous. We honestly believe that our way is the only way, and because Sun trine Saturn is so demanding, we won't give in, and that's going to end up having us rejected by the people we know and care about. Like...friends.



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Today, if we argue and push our weight around with friends, then we will get to see our friends ignore us after a while.

Our friends are laughing at us, and because we are like mad dogs that cannot let go of the bone, those very same friends will come to the conclusion that the only way to treat us today is to ignore us outright.

It seems we are so offensive and pushy that nobody wants us around, and we won't be able to understand why everyone is ignoring us until tomorrow when the transit passes.

Until then, if you are one of the selected zodiac signs here today, know this: nobody wants you around because you are simply too opinionated. Yes, it's that simple.

Which three zodiac signs have friends who ignore them during the Sun trine Saturn transit?

According to astrology, on October 11, 2022, it could be Leo, Virgo, and Aquarius,

1. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

Your friends will ignore you today, during Sun trine Saturn, because you choose to stand your ground in the face of many opinions that tell you to back down. You even know that what you're standing up for is baseless, yet, it's a matter of pride for you.

You want to be right and you want others to validate that for you. You are incapable of admitting that you're wrong on any level, and you're going to hold tight to that way of being until all your friends desert you.

Then you can blame it all on them and continue to fight your private fight inside your head, where everyone always agrees with you, no matter what.

You've become threatening and unfair, but you do not see it that way. Saturn energy unveils your worst side, Leo, as it makes you feel that you are above reproach. Your friends ignore you today just so that they can breathe easier.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

If there's one thing that Sun trine Saturn is going to bring you today, it's the knowledge that your friends have lives that don't necessarily revolve around you and that's going to sting.

You are a social creature; you want friends and you want to go out and have a good time with them.

You're always trying to gather friends together for a night out, and during Sun trine Saturn, you'll find that nobody's interested.

It's not that they don't like you, it's just that you think you are a little more important to them than you actually are. What causes you distress on this day is that you attach yourself to strangers and you start to believe they are your best friends, when, in fact, they have lives that they wish to live without you in them.

This transit shines a light on your feelings of entitlement; you believe you should be the center of attention, and yet, no one knows who you are today.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Today's going to have you feeling like you've just dug your own grave, in the way that you feel totally responsible for sending everyone away from you.

Your friends are going to ignore you today for one reason alone: you have created a situation that makes it impossible to take you seriously anymore. You have associated yourself with a losing situation and now, your friends want nothing to do with you.

During Sun trine Saturn, this looks obvious in so much as you won't back down.

You know you've done the wrong thing and that you are now stuck with it, and because of pride, you choose to stick with it, rather than admit it's no good for you.

Friends have tried to intervene and help you, but you've remained stoic and un-moving. And so, during Sun trine Saturn, your friends are going to bid you farewell, with a final, "Hope you find what you're looking for..."

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