The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Worst Fears Come True During Mercury Direct On October 2, 2022

Confusion can only last for so long.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Worst Fears Come True During Mercury Direct On October 2, 2022 Jasmina007 via Getty Images Signature/vjanez via Getty Images/susan-lu4esm via pixabay

Let's just put it this way: it's not as if our worst fears are just going to come true during Mercury direct, but what goes on inside our minds may make us feel that way.

We're not looking at the instant manifestation of our worst fears, but more along the lines of what happens to our thought process when Mercury finally leaves its retrograde station and allows us to think freely again.

We will all feel a noticeable 'release' during Mercury direct, and being that this is the first day of its direct motion, we might get hit with 'too much' freedom of thought, which basically implies that our imaginations will be running wild.


It's the first time in over a month that we've felt this free, and some of us might not know what to do with this heady kind of feeling. In fact, some of us may actually feel intimidated by it, and that could propel us into thinking the worst, and therefore anticipating more of it.


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So, if we fear what we cannot control, and we live in that thought. Now, with Mercury out of the way, we can indulge in negative thinking to the point where we start to think it's all really as bad as we think it is. Does it really matter if it's only in our minds?

If we feel we are experiencing something awful, do we really need it to manifest as reality in order for it to be 'really bad'?

What we are afraid of the most come true the minute we give them the theater of our mind to perform in. Just keep telling yourself, "It's all in my mind. It's all in my mind."

The three zodiac signs whose worst fears come true during Mercury direct on October 2, 2022:

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)


If you think about it, you can probably come up with a slew of fears that you'd never want coming true, and as soon as Mercury goes direct on October 2, those fears will rise in your mind and feel almost as if they are real.

You fear being abandoned, and left alone...the last thing you want in this life is for people to forget you, and while you begin to overthink this, you start to create it as a reality for yourself.

This doesn't mean that people automatically start to walk away from you, but it does start up a certain kind of paranoia in you where you basically walk around anticipating it.

You will spend most of this day waiting for the shoe to drop, so to speak; you think that your friends no longer care about you, and while they still do, you can't see how that is possible. You think you've been forgotten, left's all that's in your mind.


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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Over this past month, you've used Mercury retrograde as an excuse to not get things done. You are someone who has a lot of experience with the problems associated with retrograde and now that it's going direct on October 2, you feel as though you don't have anything to blame your current state of worry on.

While it was easy to push your own failings onto Mercury retrograde, you are now going to be held responsible for your own actions, and this is going to show that in your mind, you think of yourself as a failure.

This is your biggest fear: thinking you are a failure and having someone else catch on to the idea that this might be who you really are. You fear being seen in a less-than-flattering light, and it is you who will put yourself into the negative light simply because you can't stop thinking poorly of yourself.


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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

Your worst fears all tend to revolve around family, and while there's nothing particularly fearsome about October 2, or the direct action now attributed to Mercury, you will feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to the degree of your overthinking.

You overdo everything, Pisces, and when you decide that a family member is either in need or in trouble, you practically go insane imagining what they are going through.


You are empathetic to a fault and this is how your worst fears come true during Mercury direct. You indulge in negative thinking and it never does anything for you but puts you in a foul mood that only turns sour and then sad.

You are doing this to yourself. Yes, you have a right to be concerned for certain family members, but you must also take a step back to witness the reality of the situation; they are not in as much trouble as you think. Relax, Pisces...don't take this all the way.

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