The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Runs Cold During The Moon Opposite Saturn On September 22, 2022

Some people are just emotionally unavailable.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Runs Cold During The Moon Opposite Saturn On September 22, 2022 Grafikstudion via Getty Images/Anetlanda via Getty Images/Statement Goods via Canva

Ever have one of those moments where you just know your love life just fell least, in your mind? That's what today, September 22, 2022, brings.

There's a feeling of inevitability going on today, and it leans towards the end of a feeling.

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Today, that feeling is all about love. We'd like to think that love is magic, and it seems to be true but only in the beginning.


Sure, we can keep love going for a lifetime, but that depends on who we love and the conditions that either add to that love or take away from it.

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Today we'll come upon a 'click' moment and that moment will come to us as a result of an aggressively negative transit called moon opposition Saturn.


Saturn energy is frantic and negative enough, but when applied to a situation where two people are already on each other's nerves, it's like a time bomb ready to go off. And for certain signs of the Zodiac, today is the day we blow.

This is also the day where we witness something — our loved one's behavior, possibly — that turns us off, utterly. Funny how much we get used to when we spend a lot of time with a person.

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It's just assumed that we have to accept the good with the bad, but what happens when the bad outweighs the good not only that; the 'bad' is just gross. Well, that's the experience many of us will be having today.


Our love will grow cold because we are going to find our 'mate' to be completely vile. Time to move that toenail cutting sesh to another room, maybe?

The three zodiac signs whose love runs cold during the Moon opposition Saturn on September 22, 2022, are:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

Ah, you can take only so much and today marks the ending of all that and more. You've held on to the relationship out of some kind of slavish loyalty; you wanted it to work and so, you fell into the groove of it all and before you knew it, you saw what was really happening: your lover, it turns out, is a pig.

Ordinarily, you could find it in your heart to forgive and forget, but they are relentlessly piggy and selfish, and you're starting to wonder if any of this is actually worth it. Is it?


Is it worth putting up with someone who you find to be disgusting, just for the sake of 'keeping it alive.'? Oh, that is just so NOT YOU, Aries. You are spontaneous and filled with life; you can't possibly see yourself as the babysitter to this drag of a partner, and in your spontaneous fashion, you will end your love affair on this day. Love ran cold and out the door.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

Having the moon opposite Saturn is not exactly what you planned on, and yet, the feeling it gives you is one you cannot deny.

That is, you are sick of the person you're with. It's no longer run, it's not exciting, and the thrill is definitely gone, baby, gone. You've even started to second guess your own reasons for staying are you THAT desperate to be with someone?


Your feeling for the person you're with is just emotionally unavailable.

You've got nothing left for them, so why on Earth are you sticking around for more?

These questions will plague you on this day, but knowing you, you'll probably stay with this person as you are way too afraid to get up and leave.

You know what that implies and you don't like it, but do you have the guts to act on your feelings of disinterest? We shall see, Virgo. We shall see.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)


You are not going to break up with your partner, no matter what, and that is because you've gone too deep with them and you feel there's no backing out now. Your feeling towards them is cold; you have nothing left for them and your heart is closed for renovation.

You have learned all you can from this person and the lessons are starting to become redundant and dull. It's clear to you that the two of you have grown apart, as couples tend to do. Unfortunately, your partner has also grown into an entirely different person, one that you cannot stand to be around.

Your partner embarrasses you, and that's a lot to unload. Yet, it's true.

This person whom you have given your life is now the reason you want to hide your own face rather than be associated with them. Your love has gone cold, and it will never return to what it once was.


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