3 Zodiac Signs Who Stop Loving The Wrong Person During Lilith In Gemini Starting November 29, 2021

An entirely new set of eyes.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Stop Loving The Wrong Person During Lilith In Gemini Starting November 29, 2021 Aquarius Studio/Shutterstock.com

OK, here's a twisted little transit that's bound to wake us all up, and that transit would be Lilith in Gemini, which is a fictional 'point' of elliptical orbit found between the Moon and the Earth.

Don't bother getting out your telescope for this one, though, because the real show is what's going to happen down here, on Earth, in our personal lives.

Lilith is at its most comfortable state when it is in Gemini, which means that its influence is strongest during this particular transit.


What we can count on is revelation, a change of direction, a whole lot of talk and perhaps a whole lot of rebellion.

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This is the time when people come to terms with what's really going on in their love lives. It's a make-or-break set up that's taking place, and certain zodiac signs will be so affected by this transit that they may begin to see the person they've been involved with, with an entirely new set of eyes.


This tricky transit may just have you making an about-face on your partner, while asking yourself: Do I really love this person? Is this the right person for me? 

Zodiac Signs Who Stop Loving The Wrong Person During Lilith In Gemini Starting November 29, 2021:


(March 21 - April 19)

And then suddenly it hits you: You've been loving the wrong person all this time. It's like you've been spending all this time with this one person, who you may have doubted right from the beginning as to whether or not you can live a life with them, and bingo: you have your answer, which is "NO WAY can I live with them."

And with you, Aries, this is the kind of revelation that can turn you into an arch enemy overnight. Once you get hold of knowledge, especially of this magnitude, you can't sit still.


Lilith in Gemini will have you packing your pseudo-partner's bags up before you've even told them what's on your mind.

This transits works with frenetic, impulsive, almost ridiculous energy and just about all moves made during it will be both messy and tactless.

You can't just up and leave, Aries. but that might be exactly what you will do.

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(May 21 - June 20)

You've been warned...by friends, by people who simply witness your relationship from afar, and by family members: This person is no good for you. You detest this kind of cowardly 'advice' as everyone seems to be always telling you what you want and need, without asking you.


Your partner has always been the target of your family's disdain, and you've ended up rejecting them for their opinions, in defense of this person who, at the time. didn't seem to be half as bad as everyone was implying.

And then, it happened: Lilith in Gemini swung by, you saw the light, and that light showed that the person you've been loving is not the person you thought they were. In fact, all the rumors and bad vibes that everyone was so generous to share with you about your partner are now looking pretty clear and true. You've been loving the wrong person — it's now obvious. Time to make it stop!

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(September 23 - October 22)


One minute you loved them, and in the next minute, you stopped. That's OK with you. You're the boss of you and if you come to a realization that shows you that you no longer can go on loving this person, then that's the way it is.

Lilith in Gemini is a well needed transit in your life because it helps you to see what you've already been suspecting: you've been wasting your precious time loving someone who is undeserving of your love, and it's time to admit it.

You have had patience and you've done all the right things; you've tried, you've supported, you've been there in body, mind and soul, yet your partner is far-removed from anything that could be considered loving. They simply are into their own interests and they really want nothing to do with you.


So, why bother, Libra? Keeping someone afloat on your dime isn't in YOUR interest. It might be time to say buh-bye.

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